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Seat Rails and Seat Components

McFarlane stocks seat rails for Cessna and Piper aircraft, as well as convenient kits and tools to help you replace worn seat components.

Seat Rails for Cessna Aircraft

  • Carefully engineered with many improvements
  • Added strength and longer life
  • Anodized for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Easier installation
  • Full interchangeability with the original Cessna parts

More Material in the Right Places
After studying countless worn and failed seat rails McFarlane's rails were designed with 15% more metal in critical areas. The result is more crack resistance, durability, strength and longer life.

For ordering information, go to Cessna Seat Rails.

Seat Rails for Piper Aircraft 

  • Precision machined
  • Gold anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Dry lubricant applied for long service life
  • Seat rollers available

For ordering information, go to Piper Seat Rail.

Seat Rail Repair Kit for Cessna Citation Aircraft

For more information, go to Citation Seat Rails.

Seat Rail Extrusion 
Ideal for the home built aircraft!

For custom projects McFarlane offers six design types. Blank extrusion can be cut to most any length and is sold by the inch. We can also custom machine to your specifications. 


For more information, go to Seat Rail Extrusion.

Templates make the job of transferring the original Cessna rivet hole pattern from the old seat rail to the new seat rail easy!

  • Inexpensive
  • Achieve a precise fit every time

For more information, go to Seat Rail Templates.

Rivet, Screw, and Spotface Kits                

McFarlane offers either rivets or screws in convenient kits containing AN and MS hardware. Since it is difficult to install many of the rivets required to attach the seat rail, it is permissible to substitute screws with ultimate tensile strength exceeding 50 ksi with lock nuts, provided the holes are ream fit and spotfaced. Please see the FAA General Aviation Airworthiness Information Bulletin CE-90-03R2, 08/26/2002 for specific recommendations.

For more information, go to Rivet Kits, Screw Kits, or Spotface Kits.

Seat Stop Kits 
McFarlane seat stops are stronger than the originals!
Kits contain FAA-PMA and industry standard components for Cessna 150 thru 210 aircraft.


For more information, go to Seat Stop Kits.

Seat Roller Kits 

  • Improved material for strength and longer life
  • Cessna 150 thru 441 series aircraft
  • One kit contains all the rollers, washers, and bushings for one seat

The most positive way to ensure you choose the proper seat kit for your aircraft is to measure the rollers. For more information, go to Seat Roller Kits.  

Seat Rail Wear Gauge 
Fast and positive - no more guessing!
For checking seat rail wear limits as per FAA Airworthiness Directive 2011-10-09.


For more information, go to Gauge SR1.

Seat Roller Housing Gauge
Checks Cessna seat roller housing limits as per FAA AD 2011-10-09

The McFarlane seat roller housing gauge is designed to facilitate inspection of seat roller housings for wear in Cessna aircraft as required by mandatory FAA AD 2011-10-09.

  • Hardened stainless steel
  • Save time! Faster than calipers 
    - Rollers and washers do not have to be removed from roller housing
  • Step by step instructions 
  • Measures all three dimensions

For more information, go to Part Number TOOL110.

Tie Downs 
Clamps to Cessna rails to provide tie down points to secure cargo

  • Cessna 150 thru 210 aircraft
  • Four (4) required for every 100 lbs of cargo
  • Anodized aluminum for durability

For more information, go to Part Number 8006.

Seat Adjustment Spring for Piper Aircraft 
Replacement springs just got more affordable!

McFarlane offers FAA-PMA seat adjustment springs for PA28, PA32, PA34, PA44, PA46 series aircraft. Most Piper aircraft are equipped with pilot and co-pilot seats featuring adjustable height control using a seat adjustment spring. All eligible aircraft have one seat adjustment spring per bucket type seat.

For more information, go to Part Number MC587-404.

Updated: 10/21/2012

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