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Cowl Saver Baffle Seal Material
Reduces airframe vibration and stops cowl and firewall cracks 

You can feel the difference!


Baffle seal friction causes airframe vibration and destroys cowls
Typical silicone rubber baffle seals have a coefficient of friction among the highest of any known material. This friction transfers engine vibration into your cowl and firewall causing fastener fretting, fatigue, cracking, chaffing and airframe vibration.

Cowl SaverTM Baffle Seal Material has 30 times less friction! 

  • Dramatically reduces the friction between your cowl and baffle seals
  • One side is grey silicone and the other is the revolutionary friction free surface unique to the patented Cowl SaverTM.

Low friction saves you money! 

  • Thicker low friction layer for longer life
  • Reduces expensive cowl and cowl fastener repairs
  • Reduces fatigue and cracking in aluminum baffles and cowl skins
  • The cowling even goes on easier!

Unbeatable performance

  • Advanced laminated construction has less friction and seals better
  • Ideal balance of flexibility and stiffness to insure a proper seal
  • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Meets industry standard AMS3320G specification
  • Use scoring tool P/N TOOL120 for Customized flexibility for optimal cooling 





.085 in

3 in wide, sold by the foot


.085 in

18 in X 36 in (3 ft)


.085 in

36 in X 36 in (3 ft)


.085 in

3 in X 108 in (9 ft)


.085 in

3 in X 156 in (13 ft)

Also available as convenient Baffle Seal Repair Kits or as FAA-PMA approved seals for Cessna 172Q,R,S aircraft.
Color: Black/Gray

View the Demo Video and Product flyer.

Baffle seals created using this product are protected by U.S. Pat. No. 8,070,099

31 Baffle Seal Material
Part Number Description U/M Retail Price Your Discount Price Inventory Status  
MC0509069-4 BAFFLE SEAL, RH AFT EACH $30.49 $24.40 Stock
MC0509070-4 BAFFLE SEAL, LH AFT EACH $36.19 $24.40 Stock
MC0509071-2 BAFFLE SEAL, CYL 1 RH FWD EACH $27.91 $22.33 Stock
MC0509072-4 BAFFLE SEAL, CYL 2 LH FWD EACH $35.15 $22.33 Stock
MC0509073-6 BAFFLE SEAL, CYL 3 RH AFT EACH $27.91 $22.33 Stock
MC0509074-2 BAFFLE SEAL, CYL 4 LH AFT EACH $27.91 $22.33 Stock
MC0509079-2 BAFFLE SEAL, Air Intake Heat M EACH $44.80 $28.00 Stock
MC0555250-17 BAFFLE SEAL, Fwd RH Lower EACH $49.31 $30.82 Stock
MC0555250-18 BAFFLE SEAL, Fwd RH Middle EACH $44.69 $27.93 Stock
MC0555250-19 BAFFLE SEAL, Fwd RH Upper EACH $36.36 $22.72 Stock
MC0555259-25 BAFFLE SEAL, Fwd LH Lower EACH $39.92 $31.93 Stock
MC0555259-26 BAFFLE SEAL, Fwd LH Middle EACH $44.68 $27.92 Stock
MC0555259-27 BAFFLE SEAL, Fwd LH Upper EACH $52.52 $32.83 Stock
MC2455076-1 BAFFLE SEAL, RH AFT Sub Panel EACH $25.25 $20.20 Stock
6036 USE 6036-012 EACH $0.00 $0.00 Call
6036-012 RETAINER STRIP, Baffle Seal EACH $2.31 $1.85 Stock
BSC-KT-1 BAFFLE SEAL KIT EACH $529.48 $290.16 Stock
CS085X18X36G COWL SAVER, 18" x 36" EACH $167.67 $131.57 Stock
CS085X36X36G COWL SAVER, 36" x 36" EACH $323.64 $258.91 Stock
CS085X3G COWL SAVER, Continuous, 3" W FT $9.39 $7.51 Stock
CS085X3X108G COWL SAVER, 3" x 108" EACH $85.42 $67.02 Stock
CS085X3X156G COWL SAVER, 3" x 156" EACH $124.47 $96.74 Stock
MS20470A3-5 RIVET 1/8# $7.51 $4.11 Stock
MS20470A4-5 RIVET 1/8# $5.13 $2.93 Stock
MS20470A4-6 RIVET 1/8# $5.68 $2.64 Stock
RIVET-KIT-2 RIVET ASSORTMENT, Baffle Seal EACH $20.82 $16.66 Stock
TOOL120 TOOL, Cowl Saver Scoring EACH $65.00 $49.50 Stock
TOOL120-BKT KIT, Replacement Blades, Scori EACH $18.00 $14.50 Stock

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