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SAF-AIR Lock Open Fuel Drain Valves
A clean no mess way to test and drain fuel! 

Lock open oil drain valves lock in the open position. This makes the pre-flight check for contamination and water in the fuel system very easy. Push to test or push-and-turn to lock open.

Determine part number by the thread size required. Thread sizes offered: 1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT, 3/8-24 and 7/16-20. Part numbers with an 'H' have a 1/4" hose adapter built into the part. On models 1250, 1250H, 2500 and 2500H there is no o-ring where it screws together.

FAA and TSO-C76 Approved

  • All valves can be rebuilt
  • Standard fuel resistant o-rings
  • Effortless operation with sure grip knob
  • Double sealed to prevent leakage
  • A clean, no mess way to test and drain fuel 

Find the replacement o-ring kit for your SAF-AIR valve: O-Ring Kits

- Fuel and Oil Quick Drain Valve Information
- SAF-AIR Fuel Drain Valve Installation and Maintenance Instructions
- SAF-AIR Anti-Seize Lubricant MSDS
Maintenance Tips 





9 Lock Open Fuel Drain Valves
Part Number Description U/M Retail Price Your Discount Price Inventory Status  
1250 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/8-27 NPT EACH $21.60 $19.58 Stock
1250H VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/8-27 NPT EACH $26.40 $23.93 Stock
2500 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/4-18 NPT EACH $21.60 $19.58 Stock
2500H VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/4-18 NPT EACH $26.40 $23.93 Stock
3750 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 3/8"-24 EACH $21.60 $19.58 Stock
3750H VALVE, Fuel Drain, 3/8"-24 EACH $26.40 $23.93 Stock
4375 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 7/16"-20 EACH $21.60 $19.58 Stock
4375H VALVE, Fuel Drain, 7/16"-20 EACH $26.40 $23.93 Stock
A5020 VALVE, Oil Drain, 1/2"-20 EACH $64.20 $55.83

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