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Part Number: 1460320-1-R
Description: RUDDER PEDAL, Rebuilt

Qty per Aircraft:
Unit of Measure: EACH
Retail Price: $146.00
Inventory Status: Stock
Your Discount Price: $99.50

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Product Image

Re-Bushed Rudder Pedals for Cessna Aircraft

Re-bushed rudder pedals - Part numbers 0760678-1-R0760678-2-R and 1460320-1-R

  • FAA approved repair for magnesium rudder pedals
  • Worn and elongated pedal holes are reamed and fitted with bushings for a longer life
  • Bronze bushings resist vibration and corrosion wear longer than the magnesium casting
  • Fits most single engine Cessna from 1963-1981, except for model 188

Re-bushed Rudder Pedals - Alexander Productions Air Agency Certificate 

Pedals without a rib or ridge on the inside of the pedal arm cannot be rebuilt and no core credit can be issued.

Some minor cosmetic defects such as pitting or tread wear may be present on re-bushed rudder pedals.

Exchange your pedals before they are worn beyond repairable limits!
You may send us your used rudder pedal cores at any time for core credit consideration. The following guidelines will be used to determine core value:

  • Max large pivot hole diameter < 0.490 inches
  • Max small brake pivot hole diameter < 0.275 inches
  • Pedals worn beyond these limits are not eligible for core credit.

Always check the hole size at the point of maximum diameter. The inside face of the magnesium casting around the hole may have wear over a much larger area than the diameter of the hole due to pedal action. This face wear, if minor, may be ignored when measuring the hole diameter.


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