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Free Samples of D A M™ Window Cleaner and D A M™ Exhaust Lubricant available at the booth!
All Proceeds go to Wings of Hope - Changing and saving lives through the power of aviation.
Products Available to Purchase at the Booth
Stop by the booth to say hello and enjoy new products, special discounts and pick up our 2021 Catalog!
Flap Track Wear Gauge
P/N 950 
Use to determine if a Cessna flap track is worn beyond service limit 
Flap Roller Installation Tool
P/N 970
Makes installation of the aft flap roller, bushing and washers easy 
 Sintered Hinge Bearing Tool Kit
P/N 990
Makes pressing sintered bearings in or out easy! 
Small Radius 1/8" Tube Bender
Ideal for fuel injection, primer, oil pressure, and oxygen lines!  
Witness Hole Drill Fixture 
P/N 766-585 
Saves time! Avoids disassembly of U-joint and shaft
Vented Fuel Cap for Cessna Aircraft
Replace worn out caps!

U-Joint Taper Pin Removal Tool for Piper Control Yoke 
An affordable tool to quickly remove stuck taper pins
30x less friction than any other baffle seal on earth!
  Cowl Saver™ Scoring Tool
Part Number: TOOL120
Customize your baffle seal flexibility for optimal cooling!
This Stuff is so D A M™ good we had to share it! 
Friction Packing, Service Kits



We offer a variety of replacement parts to service your McFarlane push-pull controls
Seat Roller Housing Gauge
Save time! Ten times faster than calipers
No more leaking or hard to open fuel caps!
Seat Rail Wear Gauge
Fast and Positive - No more guessing! 


Curtis Fuel Sampling Cup with McFarlane Logo
Works with any quick drain valve designed for a pin type cup.
Spotface Kit (Seat Rail)
Makes a flat spot for screws. This tool is specifically modified to provide rail cap clearance for use on seat rails. 
Tail Cone Angle Kit
Repair your cracked hockey stick!
Addresses AD2020-21-22
P/N CS1002
P/N FP1001
Save countless dollars in propeller maintenance!


PROP GUARD Seam Roller
Part Number: TOOL125
Saves time and makes installation easier!
Wrench-free compression testing - Three versions available
Adjustable Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool for Cessna Aircraft 
Save time, you'll always have the correct tool!
Pin Punch Set with Replaceable Tips
Save money on repetitive tool replacement!
Tire Balancer  for 3/4" axles
Tire Balancer for 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2" axles, including Cessna 300 and 400 Series tapered axles with 1-1/2" and 1" bearing bores.


Stabilizer Jack Screw Pin Removal Tool for Cessna Aircraft
Avoid costly damage!
Push-Pull Control Wrench Set
Install and remove push-pull control nuts behind the panel
Vacuum Pump Wrenches
P/N TOOL133 -3.72" length and TOOL133-L - 4.83" length
Finally a vacuum pump wrench that actually works and does not break!
For Continental and Lycoming Engines
KROIL and AEROKROIL Penetrating Oil
Throw away your other penetrating oil, this stuff works! 
Newly designed sprocket is already fastened to the trim wheel, taking the load off the shaft and roll pins! Hardware and roll pins included.
Fuel Pumps Available for Purchase at the Booth
Direct replacement pumps for Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Diamond, Maule, Mooney, Lake, Navion aircraft as well as Continental and Lycoming Engines.


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Superior Performance

  • Improve thrust, take-off, climb, and cruise
  • Life-unlimited blades and hub
  • Extremely light weight
  • Vibration-free
  • Nickel-Cobalt Leading Edge for ZERO water erosion and improved durability


To find the right MT Prop for your aircraft, call our Propeller Specialists at 866-717-1117 or click here to learn more. 





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