Design Solutions

McFarlane has the experience, capabilities, and resources to design, develop, and deliver the quality aerospace products that you need. 


With over 30 years of experience developing thousands of FAA approved aviation products, McFarlane engineering continues to lead the industry in product development. Our aviation experience, engineering knowledge, and manufacturing capabilities allow McFarlane to design, develop, and manufacture the right product, quickly, and at the highest value for our customers. Our full-time staff of Mechanical engineers and designers are ready and able to design a solution for your application today.


Engineering Capabilities

  • Established product development process
  • Reverse engineering
  • FAA certification
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Engineering and optimization analysis
  • Touch and laser scanning measurement


McFarlane is a diversified Kansas based engineering and manufacturing company that has the capacity, tooling, and experience to produce the aircraft components and assemblies that we design. Current capabilities include the production of flight control cables, door cables, machined components and assemblies, as well as sheet metal components for the aerospace industry. As a current supplier of aerospace components to a number of leading aircraft manufactures, McFarlane uses its 90,000+ square feet of factory space to manufacture and deliver quality products on time. We utilize an AS9100 compliant quality system to maintain stringent quality standards in our processes to control your products at every stage of production.


Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 90,000+ sq ft production facilities
  • All US based manufacturing
  • CNC Machine (Mill & Lathe)
  • Paint and powder coatings
  • Assembly services
  • Sheet metal cutting and forming
  • FAA approved and AS9100 compliant quality system
  • Customized packaging and labeling 


Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding product design and manufacturing, please call us at 866-920-2741 or email our Engineering Manager at We are ready to find a solution to your design needs!