Parts for Bush Aircraft


McFarlane stocks the complete F Atlee Dodge FAA-PMA product line!
F. Atlee Dodge Aircraft Services is well known for high quality STC modifications and FAA-PMA products for Piper Super Cubs and Cessna aircraft. Their innovative designs are the result of over 50 years of experience keeping planes flying and productive in the rugged Alaskan wilderness. 

To learn more go to Parts for Bush Aircraft.


  • Make your airplane more rugged (Alaskan Bush Tough!)
    • Heavy duty landing gear components
    • Improved, reinforced airframe parts
    • Heavy duty mufflers

  • Improve safety
    • Landing gear safety cables
    • Shoulder harness brackets

  • Improve horsepower
    • PA18 Hot-Rod muffler 

  • Increase utility
    • Folding seats
    • Float fittings
    • Rear seat heater
    • Steps

  • Decrease weight
    • Battery mods


To learn more go to Parts for Bush Aircraft.



McFarlane continues to provide more products and savings with Aero Twin.

Alaska designed and manufactured products for Cessna Caravan and Kodiak!

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