McFarlane Acquires QMI, Inc.

McFarlane Aviation Products Acquires QMI, Inc. Product Lines



Tail Cone Angle Kit
Repair your cracked hockey stick!

Addresses AD2020-21-22 and SEL-55-01 

STC approved for Cessna aircraft


  • Save thousands of $$$ on parts and labor
  • Short installation time
  • Stronger than the original
  • Kit includes special tools for installation


To learn more go to TAIL CONE ANGLE KIT.




Trim Wheel for Cessna Aircraft

Newly designed sprocket is already fastened to the trim wheel, taking the load off the shaft and roll pins!

Hardware and roll pins included.


  • STC approved for Cessna 180, early 182, and 185
  • Hard anodized aluminum for durability
  • Eliminate roll pin shear



S/N 185-0001 thru 185-0949 use CESSNA TRIM WHEEL KIT-S

S/N 185-0950 and on use CESSNA TRIM WHEEL KIT


To learn more go to Trim Wheel Shafts and Sprockets.



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