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Nose Wheel Steering Rod Boot and Hose Clamp

Nose Wheel Steering Rod Boot and Hose Clamp

10 times the life at half the price!

Boot P/N MC0713666-1 and Hose Clamp P/N MCS2357-2S



McFarlane has improved the design of both the boot and the retaining flange. The Cessna boot is prone to ripping and tears caused by fatigue and premature infrared heat related material break down. We utilized a three ply material design incorporating both Kevlar and fiberglass, and a supple high temperature rubber coating. Kevlar and fiberglass work together to prevent wear, fatigue, and heat failures while providing extended fire protection at 2,000 degrees F. We also upgraded the original aluminum flange to a stainless steel firewall material. The flange is included with the boot.


  • Kevlar/Fiberglass composite for strength and fire protection
  • Fire proof stainless steel flange
  • Deeper convoluted design for better flexibility and longer life


Don't Forget the Clamp!

Cessna failed to list the clamp in the parts catalog, therefore people tend to use a nylon cable tie which will easily melt away with an engine fire. Always use metal clamp P/N MCS2357-2S to attach the boot to the steering link.



2,000 deg F Flame Test

New original boot failed in 40 seconds.

McFarlane boot still ready for more after 15 minutes!



Maintenance Tip:

Cessna 182 boot failure occurs from radiant heat off of the exhaust system and flexing with the steering system. Cessna original boots are manufactured with a fiberglass based material that offers poor resistance to flexing fatigue which causes premature boot failure.


The 182 boot must be free from holes and leaks to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the cabin. It is normal for the exhaust system to leak exhaust at the component joints. Leaks in the firewall will allow exhaust and carbon monoxide to enter the cabin.



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