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Flight Control System Components 

McFarlane has over 4,500 cable assemblies and chains in stock. We have FAA-PMA approved cables available in corrosion resistant stainless or high strength galvanized steel for most 100 and 200 series Cessna aircraft, PA28, PA32, and PA34 series Piper aircraft and G-164 series Ag-Cat aircraft. McFarlane also stocks cables for single engine piston and many turbine and twin engine Beechcraft, and stabilator adjust cables for Piper J3, PA11, PA12, PA14, PA16, PA18, PA18A, PA20 and PA22 aircraft.


 McFarlane quality is second to none!

  • Cables available in galvanized or stainless steel
  • Cables are sold in kits or separately
  • When you order cable and terminals from McFarlane you will always receive a certified product!
  • Our large volume purchases give you great prices
  • We are one of a few DOD QML-6117 certified manufacturers of aircraft cable assemblies!

Learn more about McFarlane manufactured Flight Control Cables.



Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel Cables 
Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and works well in environments such as salt air, water saturation, or agricultural chemicals. Galvanized carbon steel and stainless cables are soaked in a Mil-SPEC rust preventative and lubricating compound. In normal environments the galvanized cable will not suffer from corrosion damage for decades. 

How to Determine Flight Cable Composition.


Learn more about McFarlane manufactured Flight Control Cables.



Buy Complete Kits and Save!
McFarlane has compete flight control cable and trim chain kits required to service most single engine aircraft from the Cessna model 120 through model 210 and cable kits for most Beechcraft and Piper single engine airplanes. Most of the light aircraft fleet has seen many years of service and have endured many flight hours. Worn, rusty and frayed cables are now common. It is a tedious, time consuming job to research the part manuals for all of the cables required for a complete aircraft. McFarlane has done the research and has all of the part numbers for your aircraft.


We stock kits in either galvanized or stainless steel. All applicable Cessna cable kits contain four MC0422280 aileron bellcrank bushings, which should be replaced when replacing aileron cables. If you can't find the cable you are looking for, McFarlane offers Custom Cable Fabrication services. 



All of our custom flight cables meet or exceed all DOD, MIL-SPEC, and FAA specifications. We are DOD certified (QML listed) to fabricate flight cable assemblies to MIL-DTL-6117 specifications or we can manufacture to your custom specifications. Our flight cables are produced with standard AN or MS type fittings. They are also pre-stretched and proof loaded in accordance with MIL-DTL-5688.


  • Pre-stretched and proof loaded to MIL-DTL-5688
  • Manufactured using the same materials and attention to quality as our FAA-PMA cables  
  • McFarlane is a D.O.D. QML-6117 approved cable supplier


To learn more visit Custom Flight Control Cables. Other custom products and services are also available. 




More for your Flight Control System
Replace your trim control chains!
More consistent holding strength
Newly designed sprocket is already fastened to the trim wheel, taking the load off the shaft and roll pins!Hardware and roll pins included.  
Stronger metals and longer lasting coatings for increased service life!
  Replacement components, and services for your Trim Tab Actuator are also available!
Terminals, bolts, pins, rivets, and more!
Improved material for extreme corrosion resistance  
Bronze bushings at the pivot points resist wearand vibration for longer pedal life
Protective sleeve is included with every universal joint!
 More for Your Aircraft! 



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