Cessna 210 Upper Torque Link

Stronger Upper Torque Link for Cessna 210 Aircraft
Replace your bent Torque Links and worn Stop Lugs with our McFarlane Torque Links.


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  • FAA-PMA Approved
  • Increased strength - stronger aluminum alloy and heavier flanges
  • More resistant to up-stop bending forces
  • Direct replacement for the original OEM parts
  • The upper torque link is sold as an assembly. Individual parts are available separately.
  • Bent links allow the strut to overextend, causing expensive damage




Available Upper Torque Link Components: 

MC1243422-1 Bolt

MC1243618-2 Shim

MC1243618-3 Shim

MC1243038-1 Stop Lug

AS15002-1P Fitting



Convenient Kits:

Nose Gear Torque Link Repair Kits:






Stainless Steel Nose Gear Torque Link Shim Kits



  • Eliminates undamped torque link motion to prevent shimmy
  • Also available individually or in torque link repair kits



Torque Link Shim Kit contains:

(2) MCS1450-6B14-007   0.007" Thick

(5) MCS1450-6B14-010   0.010" Thick

(2) MCS1450-6B14-012   0.012" Thick

(2) MCS1450-6B14-015   0.015" Thick



NAS1149F0316P Ultra-Thin Washers:

These hard to find 3/16” ID, 0.016” thick standard steel washers are sometimes useful for fine tuning the center “knee” joint fit on most Cessna torque links.

Available in packs of 5. Not included in torque link kits.



Torque Link Spacers:

P/N MC0543047-1 and MC0543047-1

  • Tightly controlled minimal end chamfer maximizes bearing surface between spacer and fork to ensure a secure clamp and prevent fork wear.
  • Precision length



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