McFarlane Winner's Circle

Proudly supporting the 2021 Husky National STOL competitions
Encouraging, developing, improving, and showcasing pilot flying skills

Fly with the Winners

$2000 Cash Prize to 1st place winners wearing an MT Propeller!


Qualifying Regulations:


  1. Pilot must have an MT Composite Propeller on their competition aircraft at the time of competition
  2. Place our custom, limited edition decals on your plane (one on each side, forward of the doors)
    • Decals can be obtained at no charge by contacting one of our STOL Coordinators Paul Theis or Jacqueline Finney
  3. Compete and win 1st place in any of the National STOL sanctioned events
  4. Pilot must provide a signed release for marketing materials and participate in a photo shoot with the aircraft showing their MT Prop
    • Photographs and bios will be used for marketing materials only
  5. Qualifying Classes
    • Heavy Touring
    • Light Touring
    • Bush
    • Alternate Bush/Experimental 


Contact one of our STOL Coordinators to provide payment and aircraft details.




Eligible Events:


  • June 10-12 Jennings, LA - Swamp STOL
  • August 6-7 Brainard, MN - Sodbusters STOL
  • September 24-25 Gainsville, TX - National STOL Championships 
  • December 2021 Lakeland, FL - Central Florida Classic Finals


For more information and event updates visit



Congratulations to the Winner of the 2020 National STOL Central Florida Classic:



Austin Clemens!


At just 17 year of age, Austin won the National STOL Central Florida Classic Competition in December 2020! McFarlane Aviation and MT-Propeller are excited to sponsor Austin Clemens in 2021 as he takes "The Dog" up for another win! At 12 years old, Austin began flying in a Piper Cub. He has flown several models of aircraft including Barons, Bonanzas, Cessna 172 and 180, Boeing Stearmans, Cubs, and Aviat Husky's on Amphibs. He’s now working on his Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine Ratings with over 1,300 hours of flying time. Austin was raised in an aviation family and grew up at Stearman Field in Benton, KS. He has a passion for aviation and loves to fly his Aviat Husky "The Dog", equipped with an MT Ultra Composite prop with reverse option.






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