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September 2019

Cessna 208 Caravan Newsletter

Newly Approved Products!

  • Trim Tab Screw Assembly
  • Flap Indicator
  • Bonding Straps

Featured Caravan Products

  • Crew Rails and Seat Tracks
  • Rod Ends
  • Spoiler Hinges

Cut down your annual maintenance costs!

High quality parts at low prices!


Newly Approved! Trim Tab Screw Assembly

In-Stock Early October!

McFarlane has received FAA-PMA approval on a direct replacement Trim Tab Screw Assembly that incorporates many design improvements that lead to increased service life and smoother operation.

  • Longer service life
  • Nitro-carburized for maximum wear resistance
  • Precision machining significantly reduces play found in OEM counterpart!
  • Frequently replaced! (6 per aircraft)

P/N MC2661215-8

P/N MCS3895-1

P/N MC2661215-8 Trim tab screw assembly fits all 208 and 208B aircraft when equipped with 2661215-9, 2661615-10 or 2661615-13 trim tab actuators.

P/N MCS3895-1 Needle roller bearing fits all 208 and 208B aircraft


Newly Approved! Cessna Caravan Flap Indicators

Reinforced with steel bushing!

  • More resilient to vibrations
  • Bushing is cadmium plated for corrosion protection
  • Alodined and primed for longevity

Flap indicator cables MC9864054-7 and MC9864054-9 along with wire clamp P/N MCS2323-3 are also available.


Newly Approved! Bonding Straps

Direct replacements for 1517102 series bonding straps

Cessna has drastically increased the price of these parts over the last several years. Some customers order these assemblies in very large quantities due to large fleets and high frequencies of replacing these straps so there is potential to save big!

  • FAA-PMA Approved!
  • Save $$$!


Crew Rails and Seat Tracks

McFarlane's Crew/Cargo Rail expertise now extends to Caravans!

Crew Rails and Cargo Tracks for Cessna Caravan
Crew Rails and Cargo Tracks for Cessna Caravan
Crew Rails and Cargo Tracks for Cessna Caravan

Our seat rails provide far superior wear and corrosion resistance!

The primary source of failure for these tracks is corrosion. McFarlane has improved the surface protection on our tracks and rails by:

  • Anodizing per MIL-A-8625, Type II
  • Priming per MIL PRF-23377 on the underside and top of the flanges of the extrusions
  • Top coat painting the primed area with a top coat polyurethane paint per MIL-PRF-85285 as recommended for corrosion protection in the Cessna 208 maintenance manual

McFarlane Crew Rails and Cargo Tracks for Cessna Caravan

  • FAA-PMA direct replacements
  • Improved thickness and stability
  • Fits all Cessna 208/208B aircraft
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Precision fit

With two versions available, drilled or undrilled, McFarlane seat rails will meet your needs. "S" suffix attached to the P/N signifies undrilled.

Example P/N MC2601088-1 (drilled) and P/N MC 2601088-1S (undrilled)


Nose Gear Steering Rod Ends

Save over 50% per Rod End!

P/N MCS1106-3 Flap Actuator Push Rod

P/N MCS1106-4 Inertial Separator Control

P/N S1107-3 Nose Gear Steering Rod

P/N S2022-3 Aileron/Spoiler Control (Nut P/N NAS1423-6)

P/N S2022-3L (Nut P/N NAS1423-6L)

P/N MCS1106-3 Inertial Separator Actuator


Caravan Spoiler Hinges

McFarlane hinges feature selective fit components for a longer service life

P/N MC2622187-L (Replaces 2 each 2622187-7, 1 each 2622226-1)

P/N MC2622187-R (Replaces 2 each 2622187-7, 1 each 2622226-2)

  • Save $$
  • FAA-PMA direct replacement
  • Eligible for all Cessna Caravan 208,208B
  • Selective fit components
  • Cadmium plated stainless pins and anodized aluminum hinges for better corrosion resistance
  • No looseness in the hinge to start vibration wear

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