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March 2007

McFarlane Aileron and Flap Skins for Cessna Aircraft         New Product!

Now Available— FAA-PMA approved aileron skins for Cessna 172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 205, and 210 aircraft and flap skins for Cessna 150 and 152 aircraft.  McFarlane is currently developing the remaining flap, aileron, elevator, and rudder skins and will provide a complete line of replacement control surface skins for all Cessna single engine aircraft.

- Better and costs less!

- No pre-drilled holes to misalign

- Precisely formed and trimmed

- Plastic coated on both sides for better protection during handling (remove be­fore installation)

- Direct replacement — No STC required

Glider and Banner Tow Hook — New Product!

Safer than the old Schweizer tow hook!

New design and instructions address tow hook jamming problems at high tow an­gles. The McFarlane tow hook is engineered with increased leverage to release with less effort than the Schweizer tow hook in emergency situations where the load is at an extreme angle.  It is also improved to maintain the tow ring position to reduce release force.  A new roller release design also minimizes release force.

The following articles further describe the problem of tow hook jamming at high tow angles.  McFarlane Aviation Products has not verified the technical accuracy of these articles and they are presented for their qualitative description of the problem only.

Glider Towing Accident Analysis by Jim D. Burch http://home.att.net/~jdburch/Towstudy.htm

Aero ‘Upset’ Accidents by Chris Rollings, Former Chief Instructor, Booker Gliding Club, UK http://www.glidingmagazine.com/pdfs/Chris%20Rollings.pdf

- Addresses release failure concerns
(NTSB reports
SEA99FA080, DEN02GA039 and FTW01FA129)

- Increased safety

- Improved design

- Increase strength and reliability

- Interchangeable with Schweizer tow hooks  (Fits in the same physical space)

- Available in bolt-on or weld-on configuration

McFarlane Aircraft Pulley Oil — Nothing works better!

A high quality uniquely refined and blended extra stable light oil for lubricating air­craft pulleys, small bearings, and other precision mechanisms.  Low evaporation prevents pulley freeze and control system stiffness.  Keeps control systems working freely for extended periods, even at low temperatures.  Saves the labor of re-oiling the control system every year.

- Does not dry out and get sticky

- Lubricates to –50°F

- Non corrosive

- Penetrates old dry oil

- Available in pint cans, needle oilers or convenient kits

Flap Track Wear Gauge for Cessna Aircraft

This convenient gauge determines if a Cessna flap track is worn beyond service limits.  To use the gauge, simply run the gauge plug along each slot in each flap track to verify that the gauge will not enter the slot. If the gauge enters a slot at any point, the track is worn beyond ser­vice limits. It works for all single engine Cessna aircraft except 140A, 170A and 195.

More Details

Seat Rail Gauge for Cessna Aircraft

Fast and Positive—No More Guessing!

This unique McFarlane tool was specifically designed for checking seat rail wear lim­its per FAA AD 87-20-03. It measures the actual radius wear near the seat stop holes.

More Details

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