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June 2007
Cessna Motor Mount Lock Washer - Improved Design!
Now embossed for better locking and no-slip installation 
The already improved McFarlane MC0851559-1 motor mount lock washer is now even better. One side is embossed with a surface texture for improved locking strength and to make sure the washer does not slip while tightening. This helps prevent the lock tab from deforming or shearing during installation. It also prevents unlock movement.
  • Up to four times the locking power! 
  • FAA approved using stronger material than the original
  • Allows the standard washer to be eliminated.
  • Designed with 6 tabs instead of 2
  • Easier to use!
  • Cessna 180 thru 414
To learn more, go to MC0851559-1 

Alaska bush tough! 
Don't lose an airplane because of a broken aluminum axle.
  • High quality
  • Weighs only 2.28 pounds
  • Save hundreds of $$
To learn more, go to AF1441003-1 

Fuel Quantity Transmitters for Cessna Aircraft
More accurate and lasts longer!
McFarlane's fuel quantity transmitters are direct replacements for the early style Stewart Warner fuel quantity transmitter installed by Cessna when the aircraft was new.  This saves hundreds of dollars in labor and kits!  Eliminate replacement of your fuel quantity gages and wiring.  McFarlane fuel quantity transmitters are engineered to be compatible with the original fuel quantity gage and wiring which uses time proven technology and reliability.
Each McFarlane fuel quantity transmitter is manufactured using the new Stewart Warner "thick film ceramic" resistor technology.  The benefits are longer life and increased accuracy.  All components are thoroughly tested, ensuring your satisfaction with our product.
  • Save hundreds of dollars! 
  • Cessna 150, 172 thru 210
  • No modifications required 
Convenient kits
Available individually or as kits including transmitter, no-leak Viton® gaskets and screw and seal assemblies as applicable.
To learn more, go to Transmitters

Fuel Strainer Parts for Cessna Aircraft
Improved safety and more reliable
McFarlane can replace your fuel system parts with high quality McFarlane manufactured parts.  Now offering fuel bowls, fuel bowl washers, fuel bowl nuts, standpipes, plungers, stainless steel washers for the plunger, and fuel strainer seal kits.  Buy any of these components separately or in convenient kits.

Maintenance Tip:
Cleaning the fuel screen - The fuel screen is removed by removing the standpipe.  The rubber tipped plunger must be unseated before the standpipe is loosened.  Failure to lift the plunger off of its standpipe seat can damage the plunger.  Pull the strainer drain knob as if you were draining the fuel bowl.  Block or clamp the knob in this position.  Insert a smooth round tool such as a screwdriver or punch in the standpipe cross-hole and un-screw the standpipe.

To learn more, go to Fuel Strainer Parts  

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