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September 2007
Winter is almost here...
Do you plan to fly this winter? Do you live in a cold climate? If so, make sure your airplane is equipped with a SAFE-HEET™ engine pre-heater. Starting your engine when it is cold causes damage and shortens its life. Cold oil does not properly circulate causing unnecessary engine damage.
SAFE-HEET™ engine pre-heaters attach to the oil pan and apply heat directly where its needed most - the oil. This ensures proper lubrication of your engine immediately after startup, even in the coldest conditions. The heat rises so the rest of the engine is also warmed.
A SAFE-HEET™ engine pre-heater is easy to use. Simply plug it in before flight. You can also use a convenient temperature controller to set it at a lower temperature and leave your SAFE-HEET plugged in continuously so your airplane is always ready to fly!

Silicone Pad Aircraft Engine Pre-Heater
Pre-heat in cold weather for longer engine life. SAFE-HEET™ is the professional choice for engine pre-heaters. Don't be fooled by cheaper prices - there is a difference. Our competitors' peel and stick heaters don't bond as well or transfer heat nearly as well as our advanced thermo-conductive adhesive (originally developed for NASA).
  • Grounded and fault protected
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Thermo-conductive adhesive for efficient heat transfer
  • FAA-PMA approved
  • No STC or form 337 required 
To learn more, go to SAFE-HEET™ 

Makes SAFE-HEET™ installation fast and easy! 
  • Use during installation: Ensures proper adhesive cure even in cold weather.
  • Use for continuous heating: Prevents internal engine corrosion associated with continuous pre-heater use.
  • Works with any silicone pad engine pre-heater.
To learn more, go to Variable Temperature Controller       

Make your pre-heater safer! 
All new SAFE-HEET™ engine pre-heaters come with a ground fault circuit interrupter to protect against electrical shock and short circuits. They are also available separately for use with an older SAFE-HEET™ engine pre-heater or another manufacturers' engine pre-heater.

To learn more, go to Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

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