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March 2009


Flap Roller Installation Tool for Cessna Aircraft
Makes installation of the aft flap roller, bushing and washers easy 
  • Holds parts in alignment while inserting the bolt
  • Long handle allows access through the small inspection openings
  • Cessna 150 thru 210
    For more information, go to 970 Flap Roller Installation Tool.

    Nose Gear Torque Link Repair Kit
    Now Manufactured by McFarlane!
    New Part Number TL-KT-1 (Replaces TCTL)
  • FAA approved and certified standard hardware
  • Prevents nose wheel shimmy 
  • Only McFarlane has shims in three 
        thicknesses for a precision fit
  • Save more than 40% off Cessna price!  
  • It is McFarlane’s policy to reduce price and provide improved quality and value whenever possible. The new TL-KT-1 nose gear torque link repair kit available from McFarlane costs less and includes FAA-PMA approved shims in three sizes (0.005”, 0.007” and 0.010”) to provide a more precise fit than possible with other repair kits.
    All components in the TL-KT-1 kit are either FAA approved or certified standard hardware. A certificate of conformance and lot traceability is included with every kit so there is no question about part certification.
    The new TL-KT-1 kit contains parts to repair worn out nose gear torque links on most Cessna aircraft. For ordering details, go to TL-KT-1. 

    New Cowl Saver™ Low Friction Baffle Seal Repair Kit 
    Buy a convenient kit with everything you need! 
    Part Number BAFFLE-KIT-3
    This new baffle seal kit is the latest addition to the incredibly popular Cowl Saver™ Teflon® coated cowl seal from McFarlane. It contains a 3 inch x 13 foot roll of Cowl Saver material (4 more feet than BAFFLE-KIT-1) along with retainer strips and rivets to provide enough material for a wider range of aircraft. The new 13 foot roll of Cowl Saver material is also available separately as part number CS085X3X156G.
    However, for the most versatility, McFarlane recommends BAFFLE-KIT-2. The 18 inch x 36 inch sheet in BAFFLE-KIT-2 provides enough material to replace the baffle seals in most single engine aircraft and allows accurate duplication of curved and odd shaped baffle seals that cannot be cut out of a 3 inch strip.
  • Prevents engine vibration transfer to the
       cowling and airframe
  • You can feel the difference in the cockpit!
    To learn more, go to Cowl Saver™

    See how it works: Click Here

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