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   Newsletter - November 2010

  • New! Control Yoke Universal Joint Kits to help comply with Piper AD 2010-15-10
  • New! Nose Gear Torque Link Repair Kits for all Cessna Aircraft
  • Expanded Eligibility for Fuel Vent Lines for Cessna Aircraft
  • Gift Ideas for the Aviation Enthusiast

New! Control Yoke Universal Joint Kits to Help Comply with Piper AD 2010-15-10

Save time and money searching for parts and hard to find taper reamers


Piper U-joint Kit

AD 2010-15-10 requires inspection of the connection between the control yoke universal joint and the shaft on the forward (engine) end of the joint. This inspection is a convenient time to replace worn out u-joints.


McFarlane has created kits including the u-joint, shaft, taper pins, taper reamer, drill bit and other hardware to help comply with this AD, all at a fraction of the cost of buying the parts from Piper.


A universal joint attaches to each control yoke shaft behind the instrument panel. Replacement of the universal joint is required if any free motion or rust around the joint pivots is detected.

Availability of some parts is limited, so place your order now to ensure quick delivery!


For ordering details, go to Piper Universal Joint Kits.


 Coming soon! 

 An economical tool to quickly remove stuck taper pins. 

New! Nose Gear Torque Link Repair Kits for Cessna Aircraft

  • Expanded eligibility includes all Cessna aircraft models 150 thru 210
        - Includes 177 Cardinals and many aircraft with a heavy duty landing gear
  • Complete FAA-PMA kits include all commonly replaced torque link parts
  • Shims in three thicknesses for a precision fit
  • Prevents nose wheel shimmy 

Torque Link illustration    Torque Link Repair Kit

For ordering details, go to Torque Link Repair Kits.

Expanded Eligibility for Fuel Vent Lines for Cessna Aircraft


We now have the improved fuel vent lines approved for an additional 2652 airplanes, with more coming in the next several months.

  • Added 172M serial numbers 17260806 thru 17263458 and
    F172M serial numbers F17200905 thru F17201234   
  • Cessna 150 thru 210 series aircraft
  • FAA-PMA direct replacement, no STC or 337 form needed

Fuel Vent Lines

To learn more on how this works, click here: Improved Fuel Vent Lines.

Gift Ideas for the Aviation Enthusiast

Gift Ideas for the Aviation Enthusiast


Ideas to help you find the perfect gift this season: Gift Ideas


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