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     December 17, 2010

  • New! FAA-PMA Approved Baffle Seals for 172R,S Cessna Aircraft
  • Cowl SaverTM Baffle Seal Material - Now even better!
  • Overhauled Fuel Valves and Kits for Cessna Aircraft
  • Holiday Gift Ideas

New! FAA-PMA Approved Baffle Seals for 172R,S Cessna Aircraft

Reduce airframe vibration and stop cowl damage with a complete Cowl SaverTM baffle seal kit!


  • Cowl SaverTM new low friction laminated material (30x less friction than silicone)
  • Precut seals for fast installation
  • Addresses issues raised in SB 08-53-01 regarding cracking due to vibration
  • Kit includes all required baffle seals, MS20470A4-5 soft rivets and 6036-012 retainer strips for one aircraft
  • 30 times better and you still save $100 off Cessna prices
  • FAA-PMA approved

For ordering details, go to 172R,S Baffle Seals.

Cowl SaverTM Baffle Seal Material - Now even better!

Our new black and gray material has even less friction than the original Cowl SaverTM!


   Patent Pending (patent application USSN 11/361,734)

  • Reduces airframe vibration and stops cowl damage
  • Thicker low friction layer for longer life
  • Advanced laminated construction has less friction and seals better 
  • Prevents engine vibration transfer to the cowling and airframe
  • The engine can move without taking the cowl with it
  • You can feel the difference in the cockpit! 
  • See how it works: Demo Video
  • Request a sample

For more information, go to Cowl SaverTM.

Overhauled Fuel Valves and Kits for Cessna Aircraft

Overhauled fuel valve      Overhaul kit

McFarlane offers overhauled fuel selector valves and on-off valves on exchange or we can overhaul your valve. Also available are part kits that contain o-rings, all seals, and all other parts normally required during overhaul. McFarlane has FAA-PMA approval to use fuel proof Viton o-rings in most of the Cessna fuel valves. The Viton fluorocarbon elastomer gives years of trouble free service. All parts are FAA-PMA, Cessna factory parts, or standard hardware and of course, fully traceable.


We can save you money!

Our prices are low, as our vast experience with these valves lets us get the job done right the first time. The overhaul of these valves is especially challenging in that many of the new seals will not properly seal without careful rework and perfecting before installation and some of the valve bodies have small defects from the original manufacturing. These defects must be corrected for a long service life. Some of the valves require special tooling to properly re-assemble the valves. 


Our valves always work!

Testing is also very important. It is very frustrating and expensive to de-fuel the aircraft, replace the fuel valve, and refuel the aircraft to find that the repaired valve still leaks. All McFarlane valves are carefully pressure tested for leakage in all positions. Our testing will also detect inter-port leakage. The cam type valves are also tested for proper fuel flow. These valves are very sensitive to part wear that will result in restricted fuel flow.


Keep it clean!

The fuel from the tanks going through the selector valve and shut-off valve has not been filtered. Except for aging of the seals, most fuel valve failures are related to contamination in the fuel. For long valve life and trouble free valve operation, keep the fuel going in the tank as clean as possible. (McFarlane also offers fuel filter funnels.)


For more information, go to Fuel Valves or Fuel Valve Kits, or give us a call at 800.544.8594 for further details.

Gift Ideas for the Aviation Enthusiast

Holiday Gift Ideas


Ideas to help you find the perfect gift this season: Gift Ideas


McFarlane's Holiday Schedule

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