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New! Flap Tracks for Cessna Aircraft
Replace worn-out tracks to prevent dangerous and expensive binding problems!

McFarlane's new FAA-PMA flap tracks feature many improvements over the original.


McFarlane is one step closer to offering a complete line of service items for the Cessna flap system. Due to the age of the fleet, many Cessna flap tracks need to be replaced.

  • Improved material
        - 20% stronger
        - 6 times fatigue strength
        - Greater resistance to wear, "mushrooming" and stress cracking
  • Precision machined for smooth rolling action
  • No pre-drilled holes for a precise, clean installation
  • Replace just the track, not the entire rib assembly
        - Cessna only lists the rib assembly for most aircraft
        - Eliminates the need to drill into the fuel tank area
  • Alodined then epoxy primed per MIL-PRF-23377 for corrosion protection
  • Cessna 150 thru 210 series aircraft
  • In stock for immediate shipment!

For ordering details, go to Flap Tracks.

Flap Roller Kits for Cessna Aircraft

Solve flap arm wear problems!

  • Forward and aft wear washers
  • MCSK100 prevents costly flap repair
  • Components sold separately or in kits 

For more information, go to Flap Roller Components & Kits.

Flap Track Wear Gauge for Cessna Aircraft

Quick and Accurate!

  • Determine if a flap track is worn beyond service limits
  • Works with most Cessna aircraft 

For ordering details, go to Part Number 950.

New! Overhaul Kits for Cessna Fuel Valves
You won't find these kits anywhere else!

Part numbers FSO-KT-1 thru FSO-KT-24 


Each kit contains all of the hardware commonly required to reseal and perform a basic overhaul of a fuel selector valve or fuel shut-off valve for Cessna 150 thru 320 aircraft. The kits include seals, springs, Viton o-rings, roll pins, washers, screws, balls, and plugs as required for each specific valve. 


Most Cessna fuel valves require special tools and processes for reassembly. For convenience, McFarlane also offers overhauled fuel valves. Overhauled fuel valves are cleaned, inspected and assembled with all new seals, gaskets, hardware and parts as required. Each valve is overhauled by our experienced A&P technician and pressure tested for leaks and evaluated for proper fuel flow. You will receive a "Return to Service" tag to certify the overhaul. 



For ordering details, go to Fuel Valve Kits or Fuel Valves.

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