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New! Carburetor Heat, Alternate Air, and Cabin Environment Controls for Piper Aircraft

Longer life and save up to $200!


McFarlane is pleased to announce the FAA-PMA approval of our new controls for most single engine Piper aircraft, including the Piper PA18, PA19, PA20, PA22, PA24, PA28, PA32 and PA38 series. The new controls include carburetor heat, alternate air, fuel mixture, parking brake, and cabin environment.


High quality replacement knobs duplicate the original Piper color and shape to maintain the original factory appearance of the instrument panel.

   High quality replacement knobs                Piper Carb Heat Control

  • Special, heavier wire for more fatigue strength and reliability
  • Improved friction mechanism
  • Reduced vibration wear
  • Anti-rotate feature to reduce stress on the inner wire
  • High temperature Teflon lined conduit
  • Realistic prices

For ordering information, go to Piper Carb Heat ControlsAlternate Air Controls or Cabin Environment Controls.

New! Elevator and Rudder Skins for Cessna Aircraft

Better and costs less!

  Elevator and Rudder Skins   Elevator and Rudder Skins


In addition to the Flap and Aileron skins currently offered for Cessna aircraft, McFarlane now has FAA-PMA approval for the Elevator and Rudder skins.  

  • More precise corrugation spacing and shape
  • No pre-drilled holes to misalign
  • Precisely formed and CNC cut to shape to match OEM skins
  • Plastic coated on both sides for better protection during handling
  • Direct replacement - No STC required

For ordering information, go to Elevator Skins or Rudder Skins.


New! Vent Tube Adapter for Cessna Aircraft

Restores rear seat airflow  

    Vent Tube Adapter           Vent Tube Adapter

  • Aluminum won't crack like the old plastic style adapters
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Save up to 50%
  • Manufactured by Wingate Aero & Fabrication LLC

For more information, go to Part Number CW-172001.

Prop Guard UpdateProp Guard Update

Prop Guard part numbers FP1001 and CS1002 are currently out of stock. The STC holder is no longer in business and McFarlane is in the process of acquiring the certifications to manufacture the product. At this time, there is no known lead time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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