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FAA-PMA Galvanized Flight Control Cables for Re-start Cessna Aircraft

Up to five times more wear resistance than soft factory stainless cables!

Eliminates premature wear problems addressed in SAIB CE-11-36.


Only McFarlane has FAA approval for galvanized steel flight control cables

for the re-start Cessna aircraft.



• High carbon internally lubricated MIL-SPEC cable as used on Legacy Cessna

   aircraft for decades

• 10% stronger and 20% more fatigue resistant than stainless steel cables

• Solves concerns of frayed aileron control cables addressed in SAIB CE-11-36



• Available individually or in complete cable and chain kits: Kits

• Save installation and rigging costs with longer life cycles

• Costs less than stainless steel cables

• High quality and unbeatable value


You now have a choice!

McFarlane recommends galvanized steel cables for most applications; however, stainless steel cables are necessary for some highly corrosive environments such as salt air. We also stock FAA-PMA stainless steel cables at great prices.


For more information, go to Flight Control Cables.

New! Stabilizer Jack Screw Actuator Kit for Cessna 180, 182 and 185 Aircraft 

Improved Strength, Corrosion and Wear Resistance


McFarlane is pleased to announce the new FAA-PMA/STC stabilizer jack screw actuator kit. This replaces all wear components for the stabilizer actuator assemblies for many Cessna 180, 180A-K, 182, 182A-D, 185, 185A-E and A185E-F aircraft. 

  • Wear and vibration resistance for longer life
  • No rust, even in saltwater
  • Costs less than the standard parts

Improved Reliability

The original low-grade steel components have been replaced with duplex stainless steel originally developed for under-sea concrete reinforcing - salt water doesn't have an effect on this steel! Precision bearings are used to reduce free play, while using extra-low temperature grease for easy turning in low temperatures. McFarlane re-designed the sprocket and retaining collar to allow for the use of a 5/32" roll pin, which more than doubles the strength of the design.


For more information, go to Part Number 1111.

Seat Rail Wear Gauge for Cessna Aircraft 

Updated Instructions: Existing gauges still work with the new AD!


Fast and Positive - No more guessing!

McFarlane's unique tool was specifically designed for checking seat rail wear limits per FAA AD 2011-10-09, effective 06/17/2011 and its predecessor AD. It measures the actual radius wear near the seat stop holes.



Note: The earlier version of the gauge and current stock feature a .36 and a .42 step.

The .36 step was included per an earlier version of the AD and is no longer used. Existing gauges may still be used to check wear limits per the new AD. 
Future production runs will not include the .36 part of the gauge.


For more information and updated instructions per the new AD, go to GAUGE SR1.


Coming soon! Seat roller housings!

Visit us at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2011!


Come by our Booth #3122 in Hangar C to preview our new products, pick up a free catalog, or just say hello.


Knowledgeable McFarlane sales staff will be there to answer all of your questions.


For more information, go to

World's Greatest Aviation Celebration.

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