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New! Brake Bleed Valves for Cleveland & McCauley Wheels 
Improved - No more rust, no more rounded wrench flatsBrake bleed valves for Cleveland and McCauley Wheels

Bleeder Needle:

  • Strong heat treated 17-4 stainless steel prevents corrosion and rounding of the hex
  • Increased hex size further resists rounding of the wrench hex

Bleeder Seat:

  • Stainless steel for corrosion resistance and strengthBrake bleed valves for Cleveland and McCauley Wheels
  • Type III class 3 cadmium plating sure is ugly, but it's the best protection against galvanic corrosion with the magnesium/aluminum housing.

Even the rubber cap is improved!

  • Improved material prevents cracking
  • Shorter design results in a more secure fit

Convenient Kits:

  • Two kits required per aircraft
  • Components also available separately

For ordering information, go to Brake Bleeder Valves.

New! Wheel Bearing Cones and Cups
FAA-PMA Timken wheel bearings for Goodyear, Cleveland, and McCauley wheels

Wheel Bearing Cones and Cups

  • Class 2 aviation grade FAA-PMA bearings
    (Timken designates these with a -20629 suffix)
  • Tighter tolerance and higher quality control than Class 4 automotive bearings
  • Save $$  

Don't be tempted to buy cheapy automotive bearings!

For more information, go to Wheel Bearings.

New! Elevator Cable for Beech 35-33 Debonair and Expanded Beech Cable Eligibility
Fast delivery and big savings!Elevator Cable for Beech 35-33 Debonair and Expanded Beech Cable Eligibility

Elevator Cable for Beech 35-33 Debonair and Expanded Beech Cable Eligibility

We now offer the forward elevator cable P/N MC33-524000-17 for the 35-33 Debonair as an addition to our line of flight control cables for Beech aircraft. Expanded eligibility has also been added to several other Beech cables, offering FAA-PMA cables for more aircraft and serial numbers.

  • Cables are pre-stretched and proof loaded
  • Superior corrosion protection with MIL-PRF-16173 coating
  • Unbeatable quality

To find the cables for your specific aircraft, go to Beechcraft Cables.

McFarlane also has FAA-PMA approved cables for most Cessna, Piper, G-164 series Ag-Cat aircraft.

For more information, go to Cessna, Piper or Ag-Cat.

New! Cowl Flap Control for Early Cessna 180 Aircraft
Improved! Maintains strength for a long life!

Cowl Flap Control for Early Cessna 180 Aircraft
      Cowl Flap Control for Early Cessna 180 Aircraft

We now have FAA-PMA approval for cowl flap controls for the Cessna 180, 180A, 180B series aircraft. They feature a hardened stainless steel housing that won't wear and prematurely lose locking strength like the OEM brass housings.

  • Dual solid wire ends
  • Order P/N MC0713041-1 with a vintage chrome knob or P/N MC0713041-1B with a black knob to match your panel!
  • Approval for the threaded pushrod version of this control, P/N 0713306-1, for the 180B,C and 182B,C will be coming soon.

To find the cowl flap control for your aircraft, go to Cowl Flap Controls.

New! FAA-PMA Replacements for Stewart Warner
Oil Coolers

AERO-Classics HE Series Oil Coolers

FAA-PMA Replacements for Stewart Warner
Oil Coolers
      FAA-PMA Replacements for Stewart Warner
Oil Coolers
    FAA-PMA Replacements for Stewart Warner
Oil Coolers

Finally an approved alternative! For years, the only source for approved Stewart Warner oil cooler replacements for certified aircraft was the aircraft manufacturer at inflated prices. They were available direct from Stewart Warner at somewhat reasonable prices, but even though they were the same part number, most weren't approved for certified aircraft. Now there is an FAA approved alternative at a realistic price.

These new AERO-Classics oil coolers are an addition to their high quality line of other  FAA-PMA approved products. The HE Series high efficiency coolers will match or out-perform the original.

For more information, go to AERO-Classics Oil Coolers.

New! Expanded Eligibility and Part Numbers for Cessna Fuel Vent Lines
Stops fuel waste!

McFarlane has received FAA-PMA approval for many additional Cessna 150, 172, and 175 series aircraft. 

Expanded Eligibility and Part Numbers for Cessna Fuel Vent Lines

To learn more on how this works, go to Fuel Vent Lines.

New 2012-2013 Product Catalog Available Online Now!
31 new product lines, 60 additional pages!

New 2012-2013 Product Catalog Available Online Now!
The new 2012-2013 McFarlane product catalog will be available soon! Request your paper or CD copy today, view it online, or pick one up at Oshkosh!

Packed with new products - Replace your outdated catalog now!

New 2012-2013 Product Catalog Available Online Now!

2011-2012 Building Expansion

In 2012 McFarlane completed a building expansion project to add 24,000 square feet to our current facilities. The additional space allows us to increase production, improve efficiency, and develop more new products. For photos of the complete construction process, go to New Building

2011-2012 Building Expansion  

Visit us at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2012!

Visit us at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2012!Come by our new Booth #3133 in Hangar C to pick up a new catalog, see the latest product developments, or just say hello.

Knowledgeable McFarlane staff will be there to answer all of your questions.

For more information, go www.airventure.org.

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