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New! Knots 2U Fiberglass Products 
Improve the appearance and performance of your aircraft!

Plastic and Fiberglass parts    Plastic and Fiberglass parts    Plastic and Fiberglass parts    Plastic and Fiberglass parts   Plastic and Fiberglass parts

McFarlane now offers a huge selection of Plastic and Fiberglass parts for your aircraft! Interior and exterior parts from Knots 2U and Texas Aeroplastics offer high quality FAA-PMA replacement parts at affordable prices.

Knots 2U products are made from the highest quality hand laid fiberglass. This provides for superior strength, reduced weight and long life. The latest technology resins are used to prevent warping and shrinkage that can happen with other fiberglass. Advanced tooling and pattern techniques assure a superior fit.

Popular parts in stock for immediate shipment.

For ordering information, go to Knots 2U Fiberglass Products.

New! Brownline Style Seat/Cargo Tracks
Perfect for modifications and homebuilt or experimental projects

Brownline Style Seat/Cargo Tracks Brownline Style Seat/Cargo Tracks  MS33601 Fittings

  • Compatible with common MS33601 0.73" diameter style fittings (Coming soon!)
  • Slotted extrusion with 0.785" diameter openings every one inch
  • Aerospace grade 7075-T6511 anodized aluminum with full traceability and material certification 
  • Precision machined and quality controlled

For more information, go to Brownline Style Seat/Cargo Tracks.

Marvel-Schebler Fuel Inlet Screen Gaskets and Cotter Pins 
New! More cotter pin part numbers 

Gasket     Gasket    Gasket     Cotter Pin

McFarlane now has more of the FAA-PMA cotter pin part numbers used with the Marvel-Schebler carburetors. FAA-PMA fuel inlet screen gaskets are also available. The copper gaskets should be changed when finger screens are inspected at each annual inspection.

Save up to 70%

To find the correct gaskets and cotter pins for your carburetor, go to Marvel-Schebler Carburetor Parts.


Fuel and Alcohol Pumps for Cessna and Beech Aircraft
FAA-PMA Replacement

CA476284E-1 Fuel Pump      CA6508092-1A Fuel Pump

FAA-PMA replacement pumps from PMA Products, Inc. for Cessna part numbers 476411, 6508091-1 and 6508092-1 and Beech part number 476284E-1 are now available. The new pumps CA6508092-1A and CA476284E-1 are identical to the discontinued pump part numbers CA6508092-1 and CA476284E, except they use the aircraft's existing electrical lead connectors.

  • Unconditional one year warranty
  • Modern solid state pumps - more dependable and use less current than the old breaker point pumps
  • Internal check valve to prevent backflow
  • Includes an optional 3 amp circuit protection kit to better protect the lower current draw pumps

For ordering information, go to CA6508092-1A and CA476284E-1.

Improved Cessna 170/190/195 Elevator Trim Skins
Minor change results in major improvement!

The outboard tip of the elevator trim skins for the Cessna 170, 190 and 195 has always been an area prone to cracking. This is because the original skins had a formed corrugation at the tip that had to be "unformed" or flattened either at the factory or in the field before it could be securely riveted in place.

The process of forming that corrugation and then flattening it again work hardens the material, making it brittle and prone to cracking around the rivet. McFarlane has solved this problem. Our precision hydraulic forming process allows us to skip the final corrugation in the skin, leaving the problem tip unformed and ready to rivet. This is in contrast to Cessna's rotary forming process, which does not allow the option to skip a corrugation.

Original design:                                          Improved design:
Original design  Improved design

New lower price! For ordering information, go to Elevator Trim Skins.

ElevatorRudder, Flap and Aileron skins are also available for many Cessna aircraft.

New 2012-2013 Product Catalog Available Now!
31 new product lines, 60 additional pages

New 2012-2013 Product Catalog Available Now!
The new 2012-2013 McFarlane product catalog is available now! Request your paper or CD copy today, or view it online

Packed with new products -
Replace your outdated catalog now!

New 2012-2013 Product Catalog Available Now!

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