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New! Flap Trailing Edge Stiffener for Cessna Aircraft
New streamline shape reduces stress cracks and improves appearance
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McFarlane's Flap Trailing Edge Stiffener
McFarlane's stiffener does not deform the skins.

Original Flap Trailing Edge Stiffener
Original stiffener deforms the skins, resulting in crack inducing stress in the corrugations and around the rivet heads.


New improved fit to reduce skin stress
The new McFarlane stiffeners are accurately shaped to the same angle that the top and bottom skins come together to completely eliminate the bending stress due to riveting the skins together. This prevents stress concentrations in the skin corrugations and near the rivets, making cracks less likely.

Our new design smoothly transitions from the skin surface to a blunt trailing edge. It maintains the flap's natural airfoil shape by eliminating the unsightly bulb and resultant drag found on common trailing edge stiffeners.

For more information, go to Flap Trailing Edge Stiffeners.

New! Fuel Strainer Top Assembly for Cessna Aircraft
Save over $600.00!

Fuel Strainer Top Assembly              McFarlane Fuel Strainer Parts

McFarlane is pleased to announce that we have received FAA-PMA approval for the MC0756005-2 Fuel Strainer Top Assembly for most Cessna aircraft. The new top assembly includes multiple improvements to address corrosion related service problems with the original Cessna housing.

  • All aluminum construction prevents galvanic corrosion between the housing and inlet tube
  • Fully anodized to prevent corrosion and galvanic reaction between the brass filter and the aluminum inlet tube.
  • Improved fuel inlet tube attachment ensures a reliable secure fit

For ordering information, go to MC0756005-2 Top Assembly.

McFarlane also provides other high quality fuel strainer parts for Cessna and Piper aircraft.

New! Engine Controls for Vans RV Series Aircraft
High quality controls at an affordable price

McFarlane now stocks controls for Vans RV series aircraft, including longer controls specificially designed for the popular Aerosport Products panel.

Quick delivery, no long lead times! 

Vans RV Series Aircraft     Engine Controls for Van RV Series Aircraft

McFarlane offers throttle, propeller and mixture controls for the Vans RV series aircraft. Our solid metal construction and Teflon lined conduit provide precise positive control even after years of service in the harshest environments.

  • Pilot friendly knobs
  • Vibration dampening features
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Consistent quality

To find the control for your aircraft, go to Vans RV Series Controls.

Can't find what you need or have a custom installation? Give us a call and our engine control experts will help design a control to meet your exact needs with a quick turn around time!

Vernier-Assist Throttle ControlsOnly McFarlane has a Vernier-AssistTM throttle for your RV

This light weight control has all the fine adjustment benefits of an old style push-button release vernier controls, with the simplicity, responsiveness, and jam-proof safety of a friction lock control.

For more information, go to Vernier-Assist Throttle Controls.

Vernier-Assist Throttle Controls 

Alcor Instruments and Probes 
Don't waste your money on cheap instruments and probes. There is a difference!
McFarlane is your lowest price and quickest source for Alcor products! 

Alcor Instruments and ProbesAlcor Instruments and Probes   Alcor Instruments and Probes    Alcor Instruments and Probes

Increase engine life and enhance safety through proper monitoring

  • Temperature compensated gauges for accuracy all year at any altitude
  • Faster responding probes than low dollar alternatives
  • Generous warranty
  • Save with complete kits!

Alcor: A name you can trust!

For more information, go to Alcor Instruments and Probes.


Alcal 2000+ EGT/CHT/TIT System Tester and Calibrator
Calibrates Alcor and other manufacturer's probes and instruments
Trusted by aviation technicians since 1970!

Alcal 2000+ EGT/CHT/TIT System Tester and Calibrator

New version of the trusted Alcal 2000 with these great improvements:

  • Internal carrying handle for transporting without the lid
  • 3rd EGT/TIT Heater (p/n 35291) capable of accepting competitors larger probes
  • Easy access to the fuse for quick replacement if necessary
  • Include all reference probes and accessories needed for testing and calibrating EGT, CHT and TIT systems
  • Redesigned Pelican case with removable lid

For more information, go to Alcal 2000+.

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