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New! Adjustable Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool
Save time, you'll always have the correct tool!

Adjustable Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool

The new McFarlane Adjustable Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool replaces 17 different elevator rigging tools for Cessna aircraft. TOOL126 is adjustable from 0.4" to 2.5" and universal in design, consisting of six different pin sizes to fit your application. This tool may also be used to properly rig other makes of aircraft with similar elevator neutral rigging requirements.    Adjustable Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool

  • Replaces 17 costly tools
  • Quick setup and adjustment
  • Simple to use instructions
  • Includes compact storage box
  • Durable stainless steel

Fits most Cessna 150 thru 425 aircraft!
May also be used with other makes. 

For more information, go to TOOL126.

New! Torque Link Stop Lugs and Safety Plate
Replace worn out stop lugs to reduce drag? Really?
This often overlooked but important part is affordable at McFarlane! 

The torque link stop lug is a sacrificial part that hammers against a flat spot on the lower part of the shock strut outer tube when the strut extends after takeoff. This prevents the strut from overextending and forces the nose wheel and rudder system into proper alignment for flight.

Due to repeated hammering with every takeoff, these stop lugs must be periodically replaced. Excessive wear can allow overextension of the strut. They also often wear unevenly resulting in inconsistent alignment of the nose wheel in flight which then causes extra drag and yaw. The extra yaw can require increased rudder trim which causes even more drag. So yes, replacing a torque link stop lug and reduce drag!

Torque Link Stop Lugs and Safety PlateTorque Link Stop Lugs and Safety Plate

  • Safety plate features bend up tabs to secure stop lug bolts
  • Super tough 4130 alloy steel for corrosion resistance
  • Kits include stop lug, safety place and applicable 3/16" bolts.

For more information, go to Torque Link Stop Lugs and Safety Plate.

Nose wheel steering parts


Other nose wheel steering parts:

New! Valve Guide Cleaning Reamers for Lycoming Engines
Prevent damage to your valve guides by using McFarlane Cleaning Reamers!

Valve Guide Cleaning Reamers for Lycoming Engines

McFarlane offers special reamers in the necessary sizes to clean your Lycoming engine exhaust valve guides per Lycoming Service Instruction 1425A. The McFarlane cleaning reamers have a pilot the same size as the valve stem. This properly sized pilot forces the reamer cutter to start straight and follow the correct valve stem path through the guide hole. Finally, a tool that is designed for the job!

  • Discounted pricing for a complete set: Part Number VGR-LC-KT
  • Spiral flutes for a better guide finish
  • Pilot sized specifically for cleaning
  • Cutting pilot cleans guides without notching guide surfaces
  • Constructed of precision ground, high speed tool steel

For more information, go to Valve Guide Cleaning Reamers.

Maintenance Tip:
Lycoming suggests using ordinary cup grease on the flutes of the reamer to remove deposits with the reamer rather than allowing the deposits to fall into the cylinder.

How to Determine Flight Cable Composition

Using a magnet to determine if a cable is galvanized steel or stainless steel alloy can be unreliable as stainless steel can display magnetic properties which can make alloy discrimination difficult. A better test is to use an ohm meter to measure the resistance in a length of cable.

To learn more, go to How to Determine Flight Cable Composition.

Service Bulletins SB-7 and SB-8

Service Bulletin SB-7: MC1210408-22 Seat Rail
Service Bulletin SB-7 addresses missing seat stop holes from McFarlane seat rail P/N MC1210408-22. The seat rail is eligible for installation on Cessna models 207 and 207A aircraft with serial numbers 20700563 thru 20700788. The seat rails were manufactured by McFarlane between October 10, 1991 and June 19, 2014. This Service Bulletin does not affect the aft seat stop hole which is installed on the subject seat rails.

Service Bulletin SB-8: PROP GUARD
Service Bulletin SB-8 addresses potentially contaminated adhesive on PROP GUARD anti-abrasion boot for propellers. McFarlane received reports of recently installed boots coming loose from the propeller. After investigating, it was concluded that the pressure sensitive adhesive had become sporadically contaminated during the manufacturing process. Boots that have not detached within the first five hours of flight, after installation, are unlikely to do so.

Employment Opportunities

Do you know someone looking for a great career opportunity with a company that works and thinks globally in the aviation sector? McFarlane has several open positions at our facility in Baldwin City, Kansas for motivated and dedicated team players.

For more information, go to McFarlane Careers.

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