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New! Shimmy Dampener Parts for Cessna Aircraft
Save over $400 - Repair your fluid dampener

Improved housing in development
Improved housing in development

Don't buy a disposable rubber dampener. Save money with replacement PMA parts. McFarlane now has affordable repair parts for the original fluid dampener.

  • More cost effective than a disposable unit
  • Proven design

Improved Shimmy Dampener Shaft
Save more than 50% - Lasts longer!

  • Perfected chrome finish for improved o-ring life and seal
  • Durable one piece design - Heat treated 4130 steel

MC0542120-1 Shaft
MC0542120-1 Shaft

Head Bearings and Piston
Precision machined direct replacements

MC0542102-1 Head Bearing            MC0542102-3 Head Bearing          MC0842400-3 Piston
MC0542102-1 Head Bearing      MC0542102-3 Head Bearing        MC0842400-3 Piston

Convenient Assemblies and Kits
Quick and Easy! We have done the assembly for you

  • Simplify your repair process
  • Assembled kits make overhaul more efficient
  • One part number gives you everything you need!

Shimmy Dampener Repair Kit
Repair kit includes piston assembly, snap ring(s) and housing o-ring

For ordering information, go to Shimmy Dampener Parts and Kits.

Expanded Eligibility! King Air Fuel Drain Valve
Improved, repairable valve. Save more than $20,000 per airplane!

New approvals for Beechcraft A90, B90, 99, 99A, A99, B99, C99, 100 and A100.

  • Improved seal design provides a long life reliable valve
  • Teflon lined control conduit and stainless steel cable
  • Reliable design - proven over 10,000 cycles
  • Approved for models A90, B90, C90, C90GTi, C90GT, E90, F90, 99, 99A, A99, B99, C99, 100 and A100
  • Latest Viton fuel-proof seals
  • Anodized for better corrosion resistance

King Air Fuel Drain Valve

Part Number MC90-380016-1 consists of two components: a valve housing and a replaceable valve control plunger assembly. Only McFarlane valves are replaceable, Beech valves do not have replaceable components.

Unheard of 10 Year Limited Warranty!

For ordering details, go to Part Number MC90-380016-1.

King Air Fuel Drain Valve

New Drain Valves and Adapters from Curtis and SAF-AIR
Large selection, high quality, low price!
Curtis Superior and SAF-AIR have added to their extensive line of fuel and oil drain valves. All provide a clean, no mess way to test and drain fuel or oil.

Fuel Drain Valves
New fuel drain valves include CCA-1100, CCA-7000 and CCA-7600 for experimental/homebuilt applications; and new TSO-C76 approved B187 and CCA-1150.

B187 Fuel Drain Valve    CCA-1100 Fuel Drain Valve    CCA-7000 Fuel Drain Valve      CCA-7600 Fuel Drain Valve

Locking Oil Drain Valves
New locking oil drain valves include CCB-38000, A5020 and A62-INV for experimental/homebuilt applications.
A5020 Oil Drain Valve        CCB-38000 Fuel Drain Valve     A62-INV Oil Drain Valve

Oil Drain Valve Adapters
Many new oil drain valve adapters for Rotax, Jabiru, and Christen oil systems for non-certified aircraft.
CCA-2474 Adapter        RM12175 Adapter


For more information, go to Drain Valves, Fuel and Oil or review the catalog information.

Employment Opportunities

Do you know someone looking for a great career opportunity with a company that works and thinks globally in the aviation sector? McFarlane has several open positions at our facility in Baldwin City, Kansas for motivated and dedicated team players.

For more information, go to McFarlane Careers.

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