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New! F. Atlee Dodge Offerings, Now in Stock!
High quality - Alaskan bush tough - FAA-PMA Approved

McFarlane is pleased to announce many new parts from F. Atlee Dodge. With a focus on toughness, reliability, and cost savings, these parts are made to hold up to the rigors of the Alaskan bush.

Parts for Cessna Aircraft:

F. Atlee has been aggressively expanding their FAA-PMA replacement parts for Cessna aircraft, with a focus on the hard-working Cessna 180/185 and 206/207 series. Save big with these new Alaska bush-tough parts!

Exhaust and Engine Parts

  • Engine mount bonding strap and heat shield
  • Heavy duty muffler shroud
  • Exhaust shroud
  • Breather tube
  • Tailpipes
  • Tailpipe support and hanger assemblies
  • Alternator adjusting arm

To learn more, go to Exhaust and Engine Parts.


Landing Gear and Control Surface Parts

  • Rudder pedal bar and shaft
  • Landing gear axle and box shims
  • Nosegear drag link
  • Horizontal stabilizer spacer

To learn more, go to Landing Gear & Control Surface.


Airframe Parts

  • Boot cowl handle, step and doubler
  • Folding rear seat
  • Trim wheel shaft
  • V-brace assembly

To learn more, go to Airframe Parts.


Parts for Piper Aircraft:
F. Atlee Dodge Offerings, Now in Stock!

Extended Baggage Kits
P/Ns 2103 (No weld) and F1400-06 (Weld-in)

  • FAA-PMA/STC for most PA18, PA19
  • Utilize more baggage space
    • Gain 10-20 lbs of extra storage
  • Inverted Dogleg STC SA02436AK to allow easy access to aft baggage area in PA11, PA12, PA18, PA19


Carb Heat Box
P/N AD15005-00

  • PA18
  • Self-lubricating bearings
  • Stainless steel construction


Oversized Rudders and Elevators
P/Ns AD15726OS (Rudder) and AD12770OS (Elevator)

  • PA12, PA12S, PA14, PA18, PA19S
  • Approximately 12% larger (blue shaded area)
  • Powder coated grey with bushings installed


Heavy Duty Main Landing Gear
P/Ns 3225-1 (LH) and 3225-2 (RH)

  • PA18, PA19
  • Standard height gear - 1-1/4" Axle
  • Designed for back country flying
  • Comes with bushings installed
  • 2000 lbs gross weight tube installed

New! Cessna Brake Line Fairing Extrusion
Reduce drag!

White rubber extrusion that attaches to the trailing edge of flat Cessna landing gears and serves as a fairing for the brake line. This extrusion was original equipment on later model aircraft with flat gears. Many mechanics use this as an improvement for the earlier aircraft.

  • Paintable
  • Easily attaches with super glue
  • Sold in 5 ft lengths
  • Replaces P/N S1511-1

For ordering information, go to Part Number P580058.

Buss Fuses
New low price for 4AG-35 and 4AG-40 fuses: $1.50 each!

Buss Fuses

Hard to find 9/32" OD 4AG/ABS/AGS Series
The 4AG series fuses are commonly specified in older aircraft. About 30 years ago Buss superseded them to the obsolete AGS series fuse. Even this newer series is now leaving many aircraft owners struggling to find replacements. The AGS fuses are now being replaced by ceramic ABS series that have the same electrical and thermal performance.

McFarlane now has all three series (4AG, ABS, AGS) in stock with a mix of new and new surplus fuses.

For more information, go to Buss Fuses

Employment Opportunities

Do you know someone looking for a great career opportunity with a company that works and thinks globally in the aviation sector? McFarlane has several open positions at our facility in Baldwin City, Kansas for motivated and dedicated team players.

For more information, go to McFarlane Careers.

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