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September 14, 2018 Newsletter

  • New! Nose Wheel Steering Rod Boot for Cessna 182
  • New! FAA-PMA Fuel Valves for Cessna 170/172/175/177
  • New! Main Wheel Bolts STC for Cessna Caravan
  • New! Passenger Door Step for Cessna Caravan
  • New! Pulleys and Pulley Kits for Cessna Caravan
  • New! Flap Roller Kits for Cessna Caravan
  • Employment Opportunities

New! Nose Wheel Steering Rod Boot for Cessna 182

Improved! Extended life and fire protection

McFarlane has improved the design of both the boot and the retaining flange for the Cessna 182E thru 182T aircraft. The original boot is prone to ripping and tears caused by fatigue and premature infrared heat related material break down. We utilized a three ply material design incorporating both Kevlar and fiberglass, and a supple high temperature rubber coating. We also upgraded the original aluminum flange to a stainless steel firewall material.

  • Kevlar/Fiberglass composite for strength and fire protection
  • Fire proof stainless steel flange
  • Deeper convoluted design for better flexibility and longer life

Don't Forget the Clamp!

Cessna failed to list the clamp in the parts catalog, therefore people tend to use a nylon cable tie which will easily melt away with an engine fire. Always use metal clamp P/N MCS2357-2S to attach the boot to the steering link.

Boot P/N MC0713666-1

Hose Clamp P/N MCS2357-2S

Nose wheel steering rods and boots also available for other Cessna models!


New! FAA-PMA Fuel Valves for Cessna 170/172/175/177

An all new improved valve for the price of repairing your old one!

Due to the poor condition of many original valves, McFarlane developed a totally new valve that was designed just like the original valve but with improvements where needed.

Proven Design with Improvements

  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Improved O-ring retention
  • More balanced fuel flow

Fully Tested

You can rest assured that if it’s a new McFarlane valve or a valve repaired by McFarlane, it will be pressure, functional, and flow tested to perform to the highest standards.

Now for more good news!!

All of the improved parts that go into our new valve are interchangeable with the original Cessna valve. This means that if your valve is good with the exception of a few parts, we can fix it at a reasonable price! Whether you need your valve repaired or a new valve, McFarlane will save you money.


New! Cessna Caravan Main Wheel Bolts STC

For Caravan operators who demand the most from their equipment

High strength wheel bolts have been proven in the field to reduce fretting between wheel halves and provide an additional margin of safety for the wheel assembly. High strength MS21250 bolts replace the standard AN5 hardware that fasten the wheel halves and brake disc together. High strength nuts and countersunk washers are included with each kit.

Replacement bolts come in two lengths to accommodate aircraft with and without brake disc spacers, and are eligible for aircraft equipped with or without, certain gross weight increase STCs. The high strength wheel bolts are approved for use with any of the Cessna 208/208B tire installations.

  • High strength hardware helps prevent fastener failure during operations
  • Two configurations of bolt kits
  • Multiple purchase options
  • STC is FAA and EASA approved

New! Passenger Door Step for Cessna Caravan

Durable aluminum step with STC!

P/N AF2617076-1

Engineered for increased longevity and constructed solely from aluminum. No more delamination. Direct replacement for all positions, Cessna P/Ns 2617076-1 (lower), 2617076-10 (upper), and 2617076-11 (middle).

  • FAA-PMA STC Approved - STC comes with the part
  • Fits all Cessna 208/208B
  • One part number fits all three positions
  • Withstands more weight than Cessna part
  • Longer service life while saving hundreds of $$
  • More resistant to weather and moisture

Slip resistant tread surface


New! Pulleys and Pulley Kits for Cessna Caravan

McFarlane stocks all pulleys required for your Caravan!

Pulley kits contain all of the pulleys and cotter pins required for one aircraft.

Save $$


New! Flap Roller Kits for Cessna Caravan

Save time and money!

Complete flap roller kits from McFarlane contain all rollers, bushings, wear washers and hardware for one aircraft.

Save 60% on MS21442-121 bearings!

We invested in a large production run of these bearings to save you money!


Employment Opportunities

Do you or someone you know looking for a great career opportunity? At McFarlane Aviation Products, people are important. We are a problem solving organization with a family-oriented culture that attracts and retains high quality employees. McFarlane has several open positions at our facility in Baldwin City, Kansas for motivated and dedicated team players.


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