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X Category: Ag

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
MC0510105-323 CABLE (Tailwheel Steering) $59.60
MC0510105-152 CABLE (Rudder Aft) $66.60
MC1660300-2 CABLE (Rudder Center) $83.13
ACA-5B CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $94.01
ACA-7B CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $94.01
MC1660300-48 CABLE (Deflector) $113.78
MC1660300-7 CABLE (Elevator Trim Forward Lower) $118.61
MC1660300-8 CABLE (Aileron Direct to Torque Tube) $118.79
MC0510105-198 CABLE (Elevator Trim Aft Upper) $105.60
MC1660300-20 CABLE (Flap Direct to Lever) $123.07
MC1660300-21 CABLE (Flap Retract to Lever) $125.20
MC1660300-35 CABLE (Aileron Direct to Torque Tube) $118.02
MC1660300-1 CABLE (Rudder Forward) $111.16
ACA-401B CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $122.82
MC1660300-44 CABLE (Parking Brake) $110.35
MC1660300-6 CABLE (Elevator Trim Forward Upper) $139.12
MC1660300-9 CABLE (Aileron Direct to Bellcrank) $141.23
MC1660300-15 CABLE (Flap Retract LH Bellcrank) $127.63
MC1660300-13 CABLE (Flap Direct LH Bellcrank) $138.29
MC1660300-10 CABLE (Aileron Carry Thru RH) $162.12

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