D A M Hangar and Toolbox Essentials

This stuff is so D A M™ good we had to share it!


D A M™ Exhaust Lube

Aircraft Exhaust Anti-seize/Lubricant — The only anti-seize that works!

D A M Exhaust Lube is designed specifically for aircraft exhaust ball joints, clamps, slip joints, and hardware. A low viscosity liquid is blended with molybdenum-disulfide and other special micro-lubricants to produce a protective dry lubricant film. This film imbeds into the stainless steel and keeps your joints lubricated for years!



D A M™ Window Cleaner

Fast and easy aircraft window cleaner!

A fast, streak free liquid spray designed for acrylic and other surfaces. The carnauba wax and polymer formula fills minor scratches and leaves a slick clean surface that makes cleaning bugs easier next time. Also great for motorcycles, boats, RVs, and more!



D A M™ Pulley Oil

New Name, Improved Oiler, Same Great Oil!

Featuring a re-designed and more durable needle oiler. Perfect for hard to reach areas! 


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