D A M Window Cleaner

D A M™ Window Cleaner - A McFarlane Product

Fast and easy aircraft window cleaner!
This stuff is so D A M good we had to share it!




Aircraft size 1.5 oz. P/N DAM17-1.5

Case of 14 each 1.5 oz. bottles P/N DAM17-1.5C


Hangar size 16 oz. P/N DAM17-16

Case of 12 each 16 oz. bottles P/N DAM17-16C


Refill size 1 Gallon P/N DAM17-GAL

Case of 4 each 1 Gallon bottles P/N DAM17-GALC


A fast, streak free liquid spray designed for acrylic and other surfaces. The carnauba wax and polymer formula fills minor scratches and leaves a slick clean surface that makes cleaning bugs easier next time.


  • Liquid spray - No smeary paste
  • No ammonia and only a harmless trace of alcohol
  • Anti-static - Repels dust
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Amazing Melt Away cleaning power
  • Economical a little goes a long way
  • Hazes off for a streak free polish finish
  • Improves visibility in rain


Also great for motorcycles, boats, RVs, and more!




Complete Window Cleaning Kits

Part Number Description Size
DAM17-KIT Aircraft size 1.5 oz.
Hangar size 16 oz.
DAM17-GAL-KT Refill size
Aircraft size 1.5 oz.
Hangar size 16 oz.


Directions: Shake well. Spray on windows and rub bugs, dirt, and smear with your hand or with a small towel saturated with D A M until contaminants are loose and melted. Keep the surface wet with D A M as you clean. Wipe the window clean but not necessarily completely dry with a soft cotton or micro-fiber towel. The remaining D A M will quickly haze-off. Finish by polishing with a clean dry cotton towel. Do not use paper towels as they have wood fiber that can scratch.

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