Drain Valves, Fuel and Oil

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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
CCA-38001 ACTIVATION TOOL, Oil Drain Valve $19.03
S6290B ADAPTER, Banjo Bolt, Continental $65.25
S5090B ADAPTER, Banjo Bolt, Jabaru $53.65
M1290B ADAPTER, Banjo Bolt, Rotax $53.65
M1490B ADAPTER, Banjo Bolt, Volkswagen $53.65
CCA-2480 ADAPTER, Jaribu, 90-Degree $67.20
AN8-INV ADAPTER, Oil $36.25
AN10-INV ADAPTER, Oil $36.25
CCA-2474 ADAPTER, Rotax Oil Tank Drain Valve $22.12
CCA-2470 ADAPTER, Rotax, 90-Degree $67.20
RM12175 ADAPTER, Rotax, Oil $23.20
CCA-2485 ASSEMBLY, Jaribu, 90-Degree Adapter and Valve $109.02
CCA-2475 ASSEMBLY, Rotax, 90-Degree Adapter and Valve $109.02
MCCCA-39680 CUP, Fuel Sampling $5.75
MC90-380016-1 Fuel Filter Drain Valve $2258.40
CCB-39600-1 HOSE, Quick Drain $20.61
CCB-39600-2 HOSE, Quick Drain $20.61
CCB-39600-3 HOSE, Quick Drain $20.61
CCB-39600-4 HOSE, Quick Drain $20.61
CCB-39600-5 HOSE, Quick Drain $21.74