Exhaust System Components

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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
35-950004-7AWL TAILPIPE, Fixed, LH $212.41
35-950004-9AWL TAILPIPE, Fixed, RH $212.41
35-950005-9AWL TAILPIPE, Square Tip, B33/35/36, RH $212.41
35-950005-11AWL TAILPIPE, Square Tip, B33/35/36, LH $212.41
35-950005-37AWL COLLECTOR STACK ASSEMBLY, B33/35/V35/A36, LH $597.55
35-950005-39AWL COLLECTOR STACK ASSEMBLY, B33/35/V35/A36, RH $597.55
35-950005-43AWL RISER, LH Center $132.05
35-950005-57AWL TAILPIPE, Tapered Tip, B33/35/36, LH $212.41
35-950005-61AWL TAILPIPE, Tapered Tip, B33/35/36, RH $212.41
35-950005-63AWL COLLECTOR STACK ASSEMBLY, Riser, Center, RH $132.05
40B19822AWL STACK, #1/3 Cylinder, TIO-540-AF1A/AG1A $764.60
40B19823AWL STACK, #6 Cylinder, TIO-540-AF1B, LH Aft $482.10
40B19824AWL STACK, #4 Cylinder, TIO-540-AF1B, LH Center $511.10
40B19825AWL STACK, #5 Cylinder, TIO-540-AF1B, RH Aft $305.00
40B19827AWL STACK, #2 Cylinder, TIO-540-AE2A, RH Center $430.00
40B19840AWL ADAPTER, Exhaust Pipe #1/2 5/6 Cylinder, TIO-540-AE2A $373.07
40B19841AWL ELBOW, #3 Cylinder, TIO-540-AE2A, LH Forward $268.64
40B19842AWL STACK, #4 Cylinder, TIO-540-AE2A, LH Center $445.55
40B19844AWL ELBOW, #1 Cylinder, TIO-540-AE2A, RH Forward $268.64
40B19850AWL TUBE, Balance, TIO-540-AE2A, Left $308.75

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