Parts for Bush Aircraft

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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
3175 HEATER, Rear Seat, PA-18 $849.25
3182 SHROUD, Pre-Heat, PA-18 $267.50
3236 SHROUD, Muffler, 2pc, PA-18 $475.00
3241 MUFFLER, Heavy Duty, PA-18 $967.00
3241HR MUFFLER, Hot Rod, PA-18 $1723.75
4236 SHROUD, Muffler Cessna 180/185 $508.00
AD1250250-6 SHROUD, Muffler, Left Hand $508.00
AD1250251-17 SHROUD $139.50
AD1250255-7 SHOCK MOUNT ASSEMBLY, Tailpipe $475.50
AD1250258-1 SUPPORT ASSEMBLY, Tailpipe $300.50
AD1250259-1 CLAMP, Tailpipe, 207 $399.00
AD1254003-1 SUPPORT ASSEMBLY, Tailpipe, LH $313.25
AD1254003-2 SUPPORT ASSEMBLY, Tailpipe, RH $313.25

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