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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
ABS-KT-02 SEAL KIT, Air Filter Shroud $74.95
MCS1230-17 CONTROL (Carb Heat) $87.00
ABS-KT-03 SEAL KIT, Air Filter Shroud $89.95
MCS1230-10 CONTROL (Carb Heat) $105.00
MC554-511 CONTROL, Carb Heat $113.92
MC0411090-22CH CONTROL (Carb Heat) $113.35
MCS1230-2 CONTROL (Carb Heat/Induct Air) $115.88
MC554-093 CONTROL, Carb Heat $144.76
MCS1230-19 CONTROL (Carb Heat) $138.70
MC554-094 CONTROL, Carb Heat $166.61
MC0713050-2 CONTROL $155.31
MCS1241-49 CONTROL, Carb Heat $166.58
MC554-053 CONTROL, Carb Heat $122.09
MC554-095 CONTROL, Carb Heat $179.20
MC0750133-8 SHAFT (Carburetor Heat Box) $230.01
MCS1230-7 CONTROL (Carb Heat) $138.02
FG-100 CARB HEAT BOX REPAIR KIT (Avglas) $108.09
MC0713302-5CH CONTROL (Carb Heat) $135.43
MC454-120 CONTROL $76.32
MC553-874 CONTROL, Carb Heat $159.46

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