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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
MC494-080 WASHER $1.72
MC1220114-2 SPACER FLAP ATTACH $1.99
MCS1450-3S10-032 WASHER SS FLAP WEAR $2.60
S1093-1 PLUG (Flap Wear Button) $6.60
MC1220114-1 SPACER, FLAP ATTACH $7.96
MC0523919 BUSHING FLAP (Stainless) $8.27
MCS1450-5N12-050 SHIM (Flap Roller S.S.) $8.55
MS21045L3 NUT, Locking, 450F, 10-32 $9.90
CA86102-104 ROLLER, Flap Track, Outboard $17.40
CA86102-106 ROLLER, Flap Track, Inboard $18.00
CA86102-105 ROLLER, Flap Track, Center $18.10
CA41413-005 BUSHING, Flap Track, In/Out/Center $19.50
MCS1104-3 ROD END, 3/16 Bore, 10-32 Internal Thread, Grease $27.67
MC0523920 ROLLER FLAP (Narrow) $33.11
MC0523921 ROLLER FLAP (Wide) $33.11
CA452-387 BEARING, Flap $36.43
MCS1106-3 ROD END, 3/16 Bore, 1/4-28 Internal Thread, Grease $39.58
S1819-3 ROD END (1/4-28 x 3/16) $40.62
970 TOOL, Flap Roller Installation $41.78

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