Service Letters

AMC Needle and Housing Assembly Service and Inspection Wear Limits
Alternate Flow Bench Test Fluid
Alternate Main Body and Regulator Cover RSA-5
Alternate RSA-7DA1 Enrichment Valve Diaphragm
Availability of Alternate Main Body and Regulator Covers RSA-10
Cleaning of Contaminated Fuel Injection Systems
Flow Bench Limits and Service Information
Flow Bench Limits and Service Information - 17
Flow Divider Cold Weather Operation
Idle Speed and Mixture Adjustments for RSA Fuel Injection Systems
Inspection of Regulator Hex Plug
New Stem Seal and Spring Parts
Regulator Spring Identification
Shipping Caps, Plugs, and O-Rings for RS/RSA Components
Use of brass Manual Mixture Control Valves

Service Bulletins

Australian AV-Gas Contamination
Hex Plug Coming Loose from Regulator Cover
Idle Valve Thrust Washer Wear on Robinson R44 II Helicopters
Improper Choice of Cleaning Fluids Can Cause Damage to Non-Metal Components
Metered Fuel Pressure Port Leakage
Overhaul Periods for RS/RSA Fuel Injection System Components
PRS-99-Use of FAA-PMA Replacement Parts in Precision Airmotive Fuel Injection Systems

Product Catalogs and Price Lists

Current McFarlane Product Catalog

Maintenance and Product Guides

15-810-B Troubleshooting for Airmotive RSA Fuel Metering System
15-812-B Training Manual RSA Fuel Injection System
15-895 AK- Precision Airmotive Fuel Controls
15-901-C Troubleshooting Chart RS-RSA Fuel Injection

Installation, Use, and Maintenance Instructions

15-338e_ RSA-5_RSA-10AD1 Operation and Service Manual
RSA O Ring Torques