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X Category: Carburetor

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
16-A56 GASKET, Air Metering $10.37
16-A107 GASKET, Power Jet $2.38
16-A120 GASKET, Idle Needle $0.65
16-B12 GASKET, Throttle $2.70
16-B44 GASKET, Pump Idler Screw $3.33
16-B45 GASKET $2.31
16-B57 GASKET $3.62
16-B58 GASKET, Main Nozzle $3.76
16-B59 GASKET, Nozzle $1.64
16-B75 GASKET, Throttle Body $2.86
16-B85 GASKET, Throttle Body $2.86
16-B172 GASKET, Special Lock $2.80
16-B287 GASKET, Fiber $0.44
16-B288 GASKET, Plate Lock $5.25
16-B302 GASKET, Fuel Cut Off Valve $2.70
16-B303 GASKET, Fuel Cut Off Valve $2.70
16-B322 GASKET, Drain Plug $1.88
16-B330 GASKET, Bowl Cover $12.01
44-49 PACKING, Pump Stem $11.32
44-220 O-RING $4.75

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