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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
MC90-380016-1 Fuel Filter Drain Valve $2371.32
MCCCA-39680 CUP, Fuel Sampling $5.75
CCA-39700-2 KIT, Quick Drain Security System $47.47
CCA-39700-4 KIT, Quick Drain Security System $85.69
CCB-39600-1 HOSE, Quick Drain $20.61
CCB-39600-2 HOSE, Quick Drain $20.61
CCB-39600-3 HOSE, Quick Drain $21.61
CCB-39600-4 HOSE, Quick Drain $20.61
CCB-39600-5 HOSE, Quick Drain $21.74
CST-78 TOOL, 7/8 Hex $61.12
CST-716 TOOL, 7/16 Hex $57.68
CST-916 TOOL, 9/16 Hex $57.68
CST-1116 TOOL, 11/16 Hex $57.68
CST-36450 TOOL, Flush Mounted Valve $76.10
PLT-275AV PLATE, Flush Valve Fuel $157.04
PLT-275V PLATE, Flush Valve Fuel $141.11
SUMP FUEL SAMPLER, Caravan $120.00
SUMP-Q FUEL SAMPLER, Kodiak $120.00

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