SAFE-HEET Engine Heaters

Can I install SAFE-HEET on an induction box/Plenum?
Can I use temperature controller P/N 707 with a 220 Volt system?
Can two SAFE-HEET engine heaters be connected to one temperature controller?
Do you have any advice for installing a SAFE-HEET?
How long should I let the adhesive cure?
I don’t think enough adhesive was supplied with my SAFE-HEET. Can you send me more or can I use the silicone adhesive?
Is there a SAFE-HEET designed to be used with 240 volts?
My GFCI is not working.
Should I leave the heater plugged in all the time?
What are the watts of SAFE-HEET?
What does it cost to operate the SAFE-HEET?
What does the GFCI do?
What setting do I place the 707 controller to get my engine at a certain temperature?
Why should I buy the McFarlane brand?
Why should I purchase a complete kit?

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