Steering Rods, Boots, & Doublers


Maintenance Tip!
How do I know if my steering rods need to be replaced?

  • Nose wheel steering is unusually sluggish
  • One or both sides offer little or no spring resistance to steering input
  • More than 1 1/8" of free travel is present in either steering rod
  • The aircraft pulls to either side during taxiing
  • Inconsistent steering or rudder rigging


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Nose Wheel Steering Rods for Cessna Aircraft

Tired of "soft" worn out steering rods? 

Replace them with improved McFarlane FAA-PMA approved steering rods!

Can You Stop Nose Gear Shimmy? by Dave McFarlane



For ordering information go to Steering Rods.



Steering Rod Boots for Cessna Aircraft 

These bad boys can take the abuse!

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  • Keeps the exhaust and carbon monoxide out of the cabin
  • Protects the cabin in case of an engine fire



2,000 deg F Flame Test

New original boot failed in 40 seconds.

McFarlane boot still ready for more after 15 minutes! 

For ordering information go to Steering Rod Boots.




Doublers for Cessna Aircraft

FAA-PMA approved McFarlane doubler for 150-152 aircraft

Cheaper to replace than cleaning corrosion, priming, and painting the original!

For ordering information go to Doublers.




Nose Gear Steering Rod Ends

P/Ns S1107-3 and S1823-3 available. 

Steering rods, boots and doublers also available.



Steering Bungee Rod End

Direct Replacement for Cessna 182E thru 182T P/N MCMM3M12 

Steering Bungee and Sprocket also available!

For ordering information go to Rod Ends.



Catalog and Eligibility

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