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X Category: Steps

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
WAC711006-1 STEP, LH Cabin Access $433.49
WAC711006-2 STEP, RH Cabin Access $433.49
WAC711006-8 TAPE, Tread, Anti-Slip $8.02
3190/-10 STEP, Refueling, J3 - PA-22 $107.00
3190/-11 STEP, Refueling, J3 - PA-22 $107.00
3190/-12 STEP, Refueling, J3 - PA-22 $107.00
3195 STEP, Main Gear Long, J3-PA-19 $214.00
3354S STEP, Cessna Boot Cowl $93.00
8013-01 STEP, Entry, 170/180/185 $355.00
AF133-4P28 SPACERS, Bracket $123.94
AF133-4P32 SPACERS, Arm $125.08
AF2606033-2 ARM ASSEMBLY, Lower, LH $730.93
AF2606033-4 ARM ASSEMBLY, Lower, RH $730.93
AF2606033-12 STEP ASSEMBLY, Upper with Tread $769.62
AF2606033-14 TREAD, Lower Step $41.16
AF2606033-15 TREAD, Upper Step $41.16
AF2606033-36 BRACKET ASSEMBLY, LH $436.04
AF2606033-37 BRACKET ASSEMBLY, RH $436.04
AF2606033-43 ARM ASSEMBLY, Upper, LH $1223.02
AF2606033-44 ARM ASSEMBLY, Upper, RH $1223.02

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