Part Number: 35656-02AWL

LINK ASSEMBLY, PA28-151/161/180/181

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Product Details

Exhaust Mufflers, Tailpipes, Shrouds, Risers, Clamps and More

Offering the largest inventory of exhaust system components!


McFarlane now has a full product line of exhaust system components, including AWI and Acorn Welding. These leading exhaust manufacturers offer high-quality components for many major aircraft models including Aero Commander, American Champion, Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Grumman, Mooney, Piper, and Rockwell. Systems and parts for both Continental and Lycoming engines are available.


  • Largest inventory in the industry!
  • One-stop shop for all your needs
  • Save money with complete system kit
  • Upgrade with Performance kits



Acorn Welding develops welded, machined, and riveted components for all sectors of aviation. They design and manufacture turbine engine exhaust, Piston aircraft exhaust systems, engine mounts, and support trusses. Other products include assemblies such as induction boxes, seat frame elements, and engine and flight control linkages. Their exhaust products are made from stainless steel or Inconel with design improvements that reduce thermal fatigue and provide longer life.



warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Comment Eligibility Chart
Piper PA-28 PA-28-140 28-20001 28-7725290
Piper PA-28 PA-28-150 28-1 28-4377
Piper PA-28 PA-28-151 28-7415001 28-7715314
Piper PA-28 PA-28-160 28-1 28-4377
Piper PA-28 PA-28-161 2816001 2816119
Piper PA-28 PA-28-161 2841001 2841365
Piper PA-28 PA-28-161 2842001 2842999
Piper PA-28 PA-28-161 28-7716001 28-8616057
Piper PA-28 PA-28-180 28-671 28-7505260
Piper PA-28 PA-28-181 2843001 2843999
Piper PA-28 PA-28-181 28-7690001 28-8690062
Piper PA-28 PA-28-181 2890001 2890231
Piper PA-28 PA-28-236 2811001 2811050
Piper PA-28 PA-28-236 2845001 2845999
Piper PA-28 PA-28-236 28-7911001 28-8611008
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R-30002 28R-7130013
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R-35001 28R-7635545
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2837001 2837061
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2844001 2844999
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 28R-7737002 28R-7837317
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201 28R-7918001 28R-8218026
Piper PA-28 PA-28S-160 28-1 28-1760
Piper PA-28 PA-28S-180 28-671 28-7205234
Piper PA-32 PA-32-300 32-40000 32-7940290
Piper PA-32 PA-32-301 3206001 3206060
Piper PA-32 PA-32-301 32-8006002 32-8606023
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-300 32R-7680001 32R-7880068
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301 3213001 3213103
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301 3246001 3246999
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301 32R-8013001 32R-8613006
Piper PA-32 PA-32RT-300 32R-7885002 32R-7985106
Piper PA-44 PA-44-180 44-7995001 44-8195026
Piper PA-44 PA-44-180 4495001 4495013
Piper PA-44 PA-44-180 4496001 4496999

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