Part Number: AEROSHELL W120

ENGINE OIL, Aeroshell W120, 5 Liter Container

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Product Details

We want to keep you flying.
Straight mineral, single grade, premium single grade, and multigrade engine oil for piston engines.




Choosing the Right Grade of Oil
Oil Type


Straight Grade Mineral Oil

  • Aids engine break-in
  • Prevents cylinders glazing
  • Clean burning



Single Grade Ashless

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduce oil consumption




Single Grade Ashless Plus

  • Prolonged engine life
  • Advanced additive for cam protection and rust corrosion protection



Multigrade Sport Plus

  • Specifically developed for light sport aircraft
  • Can be used in any climate
  • Advanced additive for full performance with different fuel types

Multigrade Ashless

  • High performance in all seasons
  • Reduced oil and fuel consumption
  • Advanced additive for cam protection and rust and corrosion protection


Save $$$ with AeroShell Multigrade and Single Grade Plus Oils!
AeroShell single grade plus and mutigrade oils comply with AD 80-04-03 and DO NOT require adding the expensive Lycoming LW16702 additive. 
Comparison Example:
Aeroshell W80 Plus = $39.98
Aeroshell 80 Plus $35.10
(already contains additive)
LW16702 additive = $40.00
Total Cost = $39.98
Total Cost = $75.10
AeroShell Plus Oil saves you almost $40.00!
*Pricing as of 1/1/2021
Single Grade vs. Multigrade Viscosity



CamGuard Advanced Engine Oil Supplement also available. 


warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

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