Part Number: CA462-049

GASKET, Fuel Strainer

Product Details

Replaces Piper P/N 460-049




Gasket P/N CA462-049 --- 


Note: Not recommended for use with autogas.

warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Comment Eligibility Chart
Piper PA-28 PA-28-140 28-20001 28-7725290
Piper PA-28 PA-28-150 28-1 28-4377
Piper PA-28 PA-28-151 28-7415001 28-7715314
Piper PA-28 PA-28-160 28-1 28-4377
Piper PA-28 PA-28-161 2816001 2816119
Piper PA-28 PA-28-161 2841001 2841365
Piper PA-28 PA-28-161 2842001 2842999
Piper PA-28 PA-28-161 28-7716001 28-8616057
Piper PA-28 PA-28-180 28-671 28-7505260
Piper PA-28 PA-28-181 28-7690001 28-7990626
Piper PA-28 PA-28-181 28-8090001 28-8690062
Piper PA-28 PA-28-201T 28-7921001 28-7921095
Piper PA-28 PA-28-236 28-7911001 28-8611008
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R-30002 28R-7130013
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R-35001 28R-7635545
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 28R-7737002 28R-7837317
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201T 28R-7703001 28R-7803373
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201 28R-7918001 28R-8218026
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R-7931001 28R-8631005
Piper PA-38 PA-38-112 38-78A0001 38-82A0122

Frequently Asked Questions

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