Part Number: CA476284E-1


Product Details

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Unconditional one year warranty
  • Internal check valve to prevent backflow
  • Modern solid state pump - More dependable and uses less current than the old breaker point pumps
  • When this pump is installed the existing connector in the aircraft is re-used.
  • The 3 amp circuit protection kit is not included with this pump.
  • This pump will not operate from a battery charger. It must have a battery DC current.
  • Replacement filter kit p/n CA42370


* Not approved for use in fuel injection aircraft.



Important Notice

This pump has most of the factory test fluid removed for several reasons:

  1. Many shipping carriers do not want the pump to be shipped "wet".
  2. It reduces the likelihood of leakage during shipment.
  3. Most importantly, it helps avoid contamination of systems such as fuel systems with a non-fuel product.

One result of this is that, during installation, the pump internal cavities must be flooded with fluid (fuel, alcohol, etc.) in order to properly pump upon startup. Large amounts of air in the pump (air locking) will prevent the pump from initially pumping properly.


warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -


OEM Part Number McFarlane Part Number Comment
476284 CA476284E-1
CA476284 CA476284E-1
CA476284E CA476284E-1

Related Categories

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Comment Eligibility Chart
Beechcraft 100 100 B-2 B-93
Beechcraft 100 A100 B-90 B-247
Beechcraft 200 200 BB-2 BB-665
Beechcraft 200 200C BL-1 BL-9
Beechcraft 200 200T BT-1 BT-16
Beechcraft 55 95-55 TC-1 TC-190
Beechcraft 55 95-A55 TC-191 TC-379
Beechcraft 55 95-A55 TC-380 TC-501
Beechcraft 55 95-B55 TC-502 TC-1607
Beechcraft 55 95-C55 TC-350 TC-350
Beechcraft 55 95-C55 TE-1 TE-451
Beechcraft 55 D55 TE-452 TE-767
Beechcraft 55 E55 TE-768 TE-942
Beechcraft 56 56TC TG-2 TG-83
Beechcraft 56 A56TC TG-84 TG-94
Beechcraft 58 58 TH-1 TH-2124
Beechcraft 58 58P TJ-3 TJ-497
Beechcraft 58 58TC TK-1 TK-151
Beechcraft 60 60 P-4 P-126
Beechcraft 60 A60 P-127 P-246
Beechcraft 60 B60 P-247 P-596
Beechcraft 65 A65 LC-240 LC-335
Beechcraft 70 70 LB-1 LB-35
Beechcraft 80 65-B80 LD-270 LD-511
Beechcraft 90 E90 LW-1 LW-9999
Beechcraft 90 F90 LA-2 LA-56
Beechcraft 99 99 U-1 U-136
Beechcraft 99 99A U-36 U-147
Beechcraft 99 A99A U-132 U-132
Beechcraft 99 B99 U-146 U-164
Beechcraft 99 C99 U-165 U-239
Beechcraft T-34 T-34C GL-1 GL-9999

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