Part Number: CA67411-003

SWITCH, Nose Gear Down Limit

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warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

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Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Comment Eligibility Chart
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R30005 28R30481
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R30483 28R31087
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R310878 28R31135
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R31251 28R31279
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R7130001 28R7130019
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R30482 28R30482
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R35001 28R35392
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R35601 28R35830
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7135001 28R7135238
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7235001 28R7235330
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7335001 28R7335455
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7435001 28R7435331
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7535001 28R7535303
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7635001 28R7635545
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2837001 2837035
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2837036 2837037
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2837038 2837049
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2837050 2837061
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2844001 2844021
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 28R7737002 28R7737178
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 28R7837001 28R7837335
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201T 2803001 2803015
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201T 28R7703001 28R7703427
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201T 28R7803001 28R7803394
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201 28R7918002 28R7918306
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201 28R8018001 28R8018116
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201 28R8118001 28R8118082
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201 28R8218001 28R8218026
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 2831001 2831033
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 2831034 2831038
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R7931001 28R7931353
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R8031001 28R8031188
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R8131001 28R8031208
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R8231001 28R8231080
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R8331001 28R8331051
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R8431001 28R8431032
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R8531001 28R8531015
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R8631001 28R8631001
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R8631002 28R8631004
Piper PA-28 PA-28RT-201T 28R8631005 28R8631005

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