Part Number: MCC101D048-RBC

CONTROL, Choke, Dual, 4 ft, Black Knob

Product Details

Non-Locking Choke Controls for Dual Carburetor Rotax 912/914 Series Engines
Allows a neat, clean installation without a clunky splitter box
These controls do not feature a locking mechanism, however they have an internal elastomer seal to dampen vibration and provide a small amount of resistance. If your choke installation features a return spring, this control will return to the closed position when released. For a locking choke control, go to Turn-to-Lock Choke Controls.


  • All metal construction
  • High temperature Teflon lined conduit for smooth, consistent control 
    (Cheapy controls with poly liners will not tolerate engine temperatures)
  • Available in 4, 6, 8, 12 foot and custom lengths
    • Measured from panel fitting to end of conduit, wires extend at least 3 inches beyond conduit
    • Easily trimmed to length
  • Adjustable cable stops to limit travel
  • Many knob styles available or provide your own knob with 10-32 thread
  • Manufactured to the same quality standards as McFarlane's FAA-PMA parts
  • Anodized aluminum knobs
  • Slip fit conduit terminal fittings also available: part numbers 6424 or 6271
  • Includes two adjustable barrel stops to attach to the carb choke arm (no swaging or soldering necessary) 




  • Travel (stroke): 3.5" minimum
  • Conduit: 0.188 inch OD Teflon lined 
  • Max Work Loads: Pull: ~25 lbs (Not designed for push loads)
  • Operating Temp: -65 to 450 deg F
  • Inner Wire: 1/16" 7x7 Stainless Steel
  • Panel Hole: 7/16-20 UNF thread


See McFarlane Dual Controls for further specifications.


Order part number: MCC101DLLL-K where LLL is the the length of the control in inches and -K is a suffix indicating the style of knob indicated in the following table: 

Knob Style Suffix (-K)  Knob Style 
-RB  Round, Black 
-RC  Round, Clear anodized aluminum (silver) 
-RL  Round, Blue 
-RR  Round, Red 
-RBC  Round, Black, engraved with "Choke" 
-RCC  Round, Clear anodized aluminum (silver),
engraved with "Choke" 
-RLC  Round, Blue, engraved with "Choke" 
-RRC  Round, Red, engraved with "Choke" 



These controls are not for use on certified aircraft, or for use for flight controls or flight control trim tabs.


warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

Kit Components

Part Number MCC101D048-RBC contains the following:

Component Description Quantity U/M
6277BC KNOB, Round, Black, Choke 1.000 EACH
6515 Barrel Stop Assembly 2.000 EACH
MCC101D048 CONTROL, Dual, 4 ft, w/o Knob 1.000 EACH

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Comment Eligibility Chart
Many Many Many 0 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Pending Approval

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