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World’s Largest Inventory of MT-Propellers!

Experience the composite advantage of MT-Propellers! 


High performance, vibration free composite propellers for most aircraft

  • Scimitar airfoil improves thrust, take-off, climb and cruise!
  • Turbine smooth - Vibration-free operation for improved life
  • Field repairable and back country tough
  • One-piece machined and rebuildable aluminum hubs
  • Flying with floats? Check out the Reversing prop - Only MT has it!


Flight-Resource (www.flight-resource.commerged with McFarlane Aviation Products, thus becoming the world’s largest MT Composite Propeller distributor. Flight-Resource is a sales and engineering company specializing in the development of FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) and performance improvements using the vibration free MT-Propeller designs.


For ordering information, call John and Larry at 866-717-1117 or go to



Customer Testimonials:

"My MT prop is hands down, one of the very best upgrades I have ever had on my aircraft. I would challenge anyone to put their prop through the testing we put it through. I love my MT!" 

Kevin Quinn (C180)

"The MT wood core composite prop is the only composite prop that actually absorbs vibration instead of generating vibration like a metal prop or other foam core composites. The smoothness extends the life of everything under the cowl. The braking action of the MT prop gives unmatched control on short field approaches and I get amazing takeoff performance.


I had to do a field repair after picking up something that would have ruined a metal blade. It was a quick and easy fix. The 19 lbs. less weight and related gyroscopic loading makes the aircraft more responsive with less stress on everything."

Dave McFarlane,

Founder of McFarlane Aviation (C175)


Note: Many different configurations of these props and spinners are in stock. Please call for details and pricing. 


warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing prop governor?
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I have other high-performance aircraft. Is there an MT prop to fit them also?
Who pays shipping cost?
How much is shipping?
Is there any taxes or duty fees?
Is there any special inspection process needed?
Who can re-build the blades if they get damaged?
The blades have a wood core; can I use them in rain or on a seaplane?
Is de-icing available?
How long has MT been making propellers?
Why are many 2-blade aluminum props converted to 3-blade composite?
Why should I buy from Flight-Resource?
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